December 2, 2011

i hear wedding bells

its friday!!
when did this happen??
friday means insta friday and let me tell you this week has been an amazing whirl wind!!
i've taken a few instas but there is one that tops them all... I GOT ENGAGED THIS WEEK!!

the story

Wednesday was my birthday and so Clint and i were going to be going to my mom and step dads for my family birthday dinner. So the sweet man came out on tuesday so we could celebrate my birthday just the two of us! He got to my place around five and we went for a walk to catch up on whats been happening since the last time we saw each other (two days ago). I don't really remember what all was said because i just remember what happened next. The sun had already set so it was very dark out but we were passing under a light and he pulls out a letter. It was the sweetest letter, he wrote about memories from when we first started dating and other super sweet stuff, he also drew pictures (he is an artist!!) in the letter. i loved it! at the end he drew a ring and asked if would marry him and i just started hugging him and squealing. so he wasn't able to get down on one knee, heeee heeee, but he pulled out the real ring and i whipped off my mitts and of course said YES!! i proceeded to squeal with excitement the rest of the evening as we went out for supper and as i called family and friends to tell them the exciting news!!

have a great friday!


  1. Congrats!!!! That is just so cute! I'm excited to read all about the wedding planing you'll be doing!

  2. Congrats!! so excited for you! Enjoy it and Happy Birthday!!

  3. CONGRATULATIONS! That is fantastic news :)

  4. Congratulations!!!! Wedding/marriage planning is THE BEST!

  5. congratulations!!! what a great birthday present! :) happy wedding planning!

  6. yay!! congratulations! :) that's such wonderful news. and you picked a guy with a great name, too! (my husband's name is clint too :) ) so excited for you! lora

  7. love engagement ring pics!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!

  8. Beautiful Ring! Congratulations :) It will be hard to top this birthday!


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