December 12, 2011

guess what i did this weekend?!?

went shopping for my wedding dress!!
it was crazy, fun, overwhelming, tiring, full of static, and memorable.i didn't pick the dress but i do have it narrowed down to two.
the only problem is that they are so different from each other,
i like and love things about both of them!
it is going to be a very tough decision!
i wish i could post the pictures on here and have you vote but,
i don't want some curious eyes stumbling upon it.

what was your experience like when you went wedding dress shopping?
i am also planning on doing a series on weddings in the new year.
if this is of interest to you please send me an email

have a happy monday

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  1. Wedding dress shopping is so much fun and yet so overwhelming at the same time. My advice to you is to think of the style you think will fit your overall wedding the best. I had picked out quite a few I thought I would love, but then I realized they did not really fit the rest of the decorations as well as the one I ended up with did. I hope this helps! Congrats!! I would love to join in on your wedding series. Just let me know what you are looking for. Weddings are MY FAVORITE! Ha. Seriously, though. Have a great day!


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