February 21, 2012

coffee date

if we were meeting up for coffee...
i'd say lets head to a local coffee shop because i need to get out of my place for a bit.
i would ask you to people watch with me. i love people watching,
i hope you do too. {listing}
i would also ask you how you were doing? what are the highs and lows of your life right now?
i would tell you that i am doing good. still not stressed about wedding planning, everything seems to be falling into place. i would tell you that i am counting down the days until i get to see my clint every single day! it really could not come soon enough. i would also tell you that a surprising amount of people don't believe in marriage. people who i just meet tell me not to get married. most of these people are married and it makes my heart sad. i know that marriage will not be easy but i know it will be worth it.
i would ask you what your plans for the week are?
this week i am working everyday. i enjoy work but all my shifts are in the evening so it kinda eats into my social life and being an extrovert that isn't always a good thing. i need to be with people to be rejuvenated. not having this has kinda got in me in a funk right now. i'm just not myself. i need to learn that it's ok to say no to shifts that become available and take time for myself.
i would ask you what you would like prayer for? i believe that prayer is a powerful thing and that although God knows all that is going on in our lives he wants us to bring them to Him.

i hope that you enjoyed our time together and that we can do this again some time soon!


  1. awe, I'd love to have coffee with you! Sorry you have to work evenings this week. My hubby has to work 2 nights and it's a bummer!

  2. Such a sweet post! Your posts are so heartfelt and personal, I feel like I know you even though we've never met and I've only been following your blog for a month or two. =)
    Alesha <3
    P.S. I will be bold and answer your question about what I need prayer for.... diligence and loving my hubby in the process. You?


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