February 23, 2012

must have wedding shots

hello hello!
i trust you are having a fantastic day!

as i have been browsing pinterest i have been pinning some pictures that i really want to do for our wedding. here are a few of my favorite!

the bridal part is going to be bare foot so feet pictures are a m.u.s.t.

have the flower girl and ring bears 'frame' us, too cute!

praying together before we see each other


super cheesy, but i love cheese

what are some wedding pictures that you love?
what were your favorite shots?


  1. I love candid moments! My most favorite wedding picture we have, I didnt even know our photographer was snapping away :) He also did some fun ones with the groomsmen outside on the street - it sounds strange, but the lighting was great that day. I also love black and white photos! Oh! This make me want to look over all our wedding pictures again :) So fun!

  2. Great photo finds :) I love the first one!

  3. I love these photos! You should definitely try to recreate these moments.

    Some of my favorites were candid shots or photos of our feet or hands...holding hands during the wedding, etc. We had some cute ones sitting down on a bench...
    We also got some really sweet shots of my dad and I while waiting to walk me down the isle. He was helping me fix my veil and we were talking. Also we got sweet shots of my sisters (my bridesmaids) and my brother (ring bearer) and flower girl and my dad praying over me before the wedding. Such a special and sort of spontaneous moment.

    So excited and happy for you. =)
    Alesha <3


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