February 13, 2012

weekend getaway recap

hello and happy monday friends!
i hope you all had a fantastic weekend.

this weekend clint and i headed up to his brother in laws family cabin with four other couples.it was great to just relax, visit, and have no schedule.
on the way up we got to watch the sun set.
it was beautiful!
unlike at home, there was actually snow... hard.to.walk.through.because.it.was.so.deep.snow.
we haven't had snow like that at home all winter, which is very rare.
while the guys played risk. the girls headed outside to enjoy the amazing weather.
we got on the lake and it started popping and cracking....we got off pretty quickly.
we also did a lot of lounging about, laughing, and talking.i am so glad i was able to switch my shifts around in order to go.
it was a much needed time away.


  1. Gosh that sounds like something I totally need right now, provided it wasn't too cold with the snow and all.
    Looks like you had such a lovely time and who doesn't love to spend time with friend on a getaway!

  2. That sounds like such a fun trip! Glad you enjoyed it. Maybe I'll have to plan something like that for my hubby and I here soon...
    Alesha <3


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