February 29, 2012

marriage on my mind: Finding Beauty in the Ordinary

hello lovelies!!
today we have the wonderful heather from finding beauty in the ordinary sharing a bit on wedding prep and newly wed life!

I met my husband, Joshua, at a movie theater. He was sitting next to me at Mel Gibson's movie "The Passion of the Christ" in February 2004. I remember exactly what we were both wearing. We talked the first 45 minutes of the movie. We became close friends over that summer of 2004, started dating that August, and got engaged exactly 2 years later, on August 19th, 2006. We had a 3-month long engagement and got married on the most beautiful day of my life, November 19th, 2006. It's been a beautiful 5+ years of married bliss! We have expanded our family this year with our German Shepherd puppy, Hartley, and now a beautiful baby on the way, due August 2nd! We love being married!

What was your favorite part of your wedding day?

My favorite part of my wedding day was simply having all of my favorite people in my life together in one place. It's beautifully surreal.

What made your wedding uniquely you?

I love water and grew up sailing close to the beach in San Diego. My favorite colors are the colors of the ocean-- blues and greens. So I wanted to incorporate a very tranquil, serene feeling through our wedding. Our bridesmaid dresses were a beautiful shade of teal. Our floral arrangements were hydrangeas submersed in water in glass fish bowls. And I walked down the aisle to a non-traditional wedding march: Enya's "Carribbean Blue." That was the best decision ever.
If you could plan your wedding again what would you do/not do over again?

Honestly, there is not much I would have changed other than possibly delegating more and having friends and family help so that they felt more included and not so much was put on my back.
What advice do you have for a bride planning her wedding?

Prioritize. Make a list and put in order the things that matter to you the most to the least. This helps you stick to a budget and prioritize where your money goes. The thing that mattered to me the most was photography. The thing that mattered the least to me was favors, so we simply went with an ornate piece of chocolate on the top of the plates on the tables. My wedding photos are a forever-keepsake.

What advice do you have for a newly wed couple?

You can't read one anothers minds. Communicate and be honest. Always make one another your biggest priority. Aim to serve him and lay all of your expectations aside. When you get married, he is loving you in a new way by putting gas in your car or washing the car. It's not always going to be a dinner out. Learn to see love in different ways. And always make him feel like he's your world. Oh, and lots of sex is always good, too :)
thanks so much for sharing heather and a huge congrats on the little one on the way.

you can find heather here as well

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