February 24, 2012

lovely little things this week

the lovely little things that happened this week...

1. cookie baking time - they magically disappeared in two days
2. catching up on grey's anatomy
3. wedding countdown & lovely green plants4. beautiful snow
5. the path to my friends place... it was a winter wonder land6. while bridesmaid dress shopping my sister and i found these :)


  1. oh gosh, this is an awesome list. Now watch, I'm gonna go waste my morning catching up on Grey's too. ;)

    Thanks for linking up with me! Would you mind grabbing a Little Things button from my sidebar to share the party with your readers? Thank you!

  2. Cookies, Grey's, and a wedding countdown...I'm totally relating! Great little things post :)

  3. I just watched Grey's too, and I think those wigs are a must for your bachelorette party:) Great little things:)

  4. pretty winter wonderland!

    and wedding countdowns are like nothing else!

  5. I love the wedding countdown! So cute!

  6. Lovely little things :) I'm hopping over from the link up. I'd love to ad-swap if you're interested!

  7. Love those hats!! Ha! And somehow the cookies always disappear in our house too... go figure...


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