February 20, 2012

my bridesmaids

so far i have not been stressed about wedding planning at all.
everything is going so smoothly
and i could not be more excited about the lovely ladies i will have standing beside me
they are fantastic!
let me introduce them to you.these fine ladies in neon will be standing beside me.

directly behind me is alana also known as maid of honor, nanners, lanner, dr.wilson, nan, and the list could go on and on and on.... you get the point!
we have been friend since the wee age of four and have grown up together! living way in the country it was difficult to always get to town to hang out with friends but i could walk (or quad) to nanners place no problem since it was only 3 miles away. we have many, many memories together! she has always been there for me and i love her so much!

directly in front of me is the sweet & caring lynnette. i dunno if you could find a sweeter person on earth! we met in college and our friendship has been growing. she is always there to pray for you, ask you how you are truly doing, and to laugh with! i am so so happy that God has blessed me with her.

in the very back is the beautiful sarah, also known as 'my bumble bee' ...heee heee....
i also met sarah at college, she was my bathroom buddy and r.a. my first year at prov. she was so welcoming and we clicked right away! this girl is the goofiest ever and can always make you laugh. when you are with her you will have a good time. she is a super caring and an amazing prayer warrior. so glad that being bathroom buddies bonded us so much.

next is baby sister #1, erin, this girl can belt it out!! (and she will be at the wedding) this girl is the perfect mix of sarcastic, witty, caring, sensitive, loving, and fun! even though she d.o.e.s.n.o.t. like to hug i always manage to squeeze one in... or i give her love taps (double clap...be prepared erin, muahahahahha) i wish all teen girls were like her, she cares about those around her, isn't judgmental, listens, and tries new things. so glad that God let me be her big sister!

last but certainly not least we have my babiest sister! this blond ball of energy is my sweet, sassy baby chloe! also affectionately known as 'bean'. this girl is passionate about every living creature. she loves to dress up, sing, dance, go horse back riding, give me makeovers, make home videos (none of which i want shown at the wedding), and she is super creative! so glad that she is my little bean!

cute story about her!
i was shopping for wedding stuff and found a dress for her, she was four hours away so there wasn't really a chance of her trying it on right away so i called home. my brother was babysitting. i asked her is she wanted to wear a gold sparkly dress... "YES!" so i look what sizes they have, i ask G (our brother) what size she was his response, "i unno" ok well can you check her pants please, he agrees, after about five mins of nothing on the other line i ask G if he knows how to check for the size, he doesn't. i get chloe on the phone i ask her is she knows her size she says, "umm i think i'm a six.... or maybe i'm a twelve. i think either would work." i laugh and tell her that six and twelve are VERY different sizes!
she is so cute!

happy monday!


  1. Awwwww...what a blessing to have such wonderful women to stand with you on your special day! Love your little sissy story. :)

  2. Thanks for linking up! This is such a special time in your life...blessings to you!

  3. so fun! Looks like wonderful girls in your life... and "bean" is the nickname we have for my daughter, too...your littlest sister is a doll!

  4. What lovely ladies you will have standing up for you! Love the neon outfits!

  5. Congrats on the upcoming wedding! Wedding planning is so fun!

    Baby sisters are the best!!! I have one 10 years younger! Yours is adorable. Oh to be that young and a size six and twelve are the same. Love those innocent minds that have no concept of size, money, etc... Precious moments.

    Happy to be following along! I hopped over from Bit of Splendor

  6. congratulations on getting married and have such sweet, special girls to stand beside you!
    found you through the link up.

  7. so exciting! this is an amazingly fun time for you! congrats!!


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