February 16, 2012

making my own wedding invites

this past week i have been working on making my wedding invitations!
it involved a.l.o.t. of cutting!!they are finally f.i.n.i.s.h.e.d. i just need to write our the addresses then in the mail they go!
i had to change the design of the invites about five times but i am really pleased with how they turned out.
they are simple.
each and everyone is unique.
and i had fun making them.
also as a note to other people who are making or ordering your wedding invitation...
not every single person on the invite list needs an invite.
i made that mistake when printing the pictures for our invites as well as the maps for our location.
so now i have about 150 pictures of clint and i and maps to get to get to our wedding location
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