February 27, 2012

sponsor highlight day: Amber @ The Pless Press

Hey there all you lovely readers! I am Amber from over at The Pless Press. I am so excited to be here. I am so grateful for Amber allowing me to give all of you a glimpse into a day in the life of the Pless household. I am sure we are no different than any of you, but sometimes it nice to be reassured that we do not have to be crazy busy all of the time to have a happy life.

Here is a typical day in our life.

We both get up and ready to be out the door by 7:40 for work/class.

I work at Oklahoma Christian University with the new students. I love their excitement about college. It reminds me of just a few years ago when I was one of them just beginning my college journey and what an incredible journey that was.

I love working where I do because I have the blessing of still being around so many of our family and friends. I am visited everyday by either my sister-in-law, some of our friends who are still around campus, and so many others. I am truly blessed to be in the community that I am!

Since most of our friends who have graduated are still around the Oklahoma City area, I am able to go to lunch with some of my dearest friends during the week, which is a great time to catch up and enjoy time with other sweet friends.

As soon as I finish work, my sister-in-law and her roommate and I all work out for about an hour. This has been something that has become such a priority in my life. I never worked out in high school or college because I spent my time practicing for cheerleading or dance or some sport I was in at that time. Since my junior year of college when I was not cheering anymore this became a major challenge for me. Lately, I have grown to love it. The refreshing feeling afterwards and the changes I can already tell in my physical body and in my stamina while working out have made it much more rewarding.

If you have ever looked at my blog, you can tell that I cook quite a bit. As soon as I get home I start cooking dinner. I do not really enjoy cooking, but it is growing on me. I do love, however, researching new recipes on Pinterest or recipe websites. Once I find one that I like to try, if C and I both like it, then I am beyond excited to share it with my readers because that is a major accomplishment.

After dinner, I spend some time studying the Word. Sometimes this consists of a Bible study that I am participating in like the Beth Moore James' series that I just recently completed. At times it consists of me spending time prayer journaling. Other times it could consist of me just reading and working on Scripture memorization. I have to tell you, this has been the hardest thing for me to find a large amount of time for, especially because I have a hard time staying that focused with other things going on around me or just in my mind. But, over this past year reshaping my alone time with God has really opened up my mind and my heart to what the Lord has so graciously blessed me with in my life. I know I have a lot of growing to do in this area of my life, but I strongly believe that the pursuit of God in any amount will bless us tremendously.

The rest of the night it just spent with my sweet husband C and our precious little dog Skip relaxing. Sometimes this involves a sweet treat like ice cream and others it just includes us throwing toys all around our apartment so Skip can frantically chase it everywhere. We are definitely TV addicts, though, so we always find time during the week to enjoy shows together that sometimes we both love and sometimes it is simply just to spend time together.

As I said, we are just a normal day to day couple trying to find our way through life. Thanks for letting me share a glimpse into our life with you. I hope you have an incredible day!

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