February 10, 2012

tea, cowls, & tassles

happy friday!!
boy am i happy it's the weekend!
this week i used up a.l.o.t. of kleenex
but i also did a few other things like...

{grad pictures...oh boy!}
{enjoyed the insane amount of horforst}{stitched together my granny square afghan - i can knock this off my 25 by 25}
{enjoyed a.l.o.t. of tea with honey}{enjoyed watching the numbers get smaller on my wedding count down}

{made a new comfy cowl... i'll post a pattern soon}
those are the little things in my week that motivated me to dig out of my kleenex mountain
(also the fact that i had to go to work all week)

have a happy weekend friends im heading to a cabin with some other couples for some r&r
you can come along if you wish by following me on instagram.
i am: abranconier

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  1. Your scarf and quilt are BEAUTIFUL! I love your header, that is so creative and fun!

  2. That cowl looks so cozy! Lovely!

  3. I really love that blanket. So pretty!

    Hopping over from the Little Things link up. :)

  4. Wow what a great quilt and cowl. Such a sweet countdown. :-)

  5. LOVE the cowl!
    its super cold here today [minnesota]. we all need cowls like that!!

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    Fond Regards,

  7. I love your mug! So cute! I am actually drinking peppermint tea with honey in it as I type this comment! :)

  8. How cute is that cowl! And that mug has me super jealous!! :)

    Your blog is so cute :)



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