September 17, 2010


as school has been underway for the past two weeks now it is interesting how i am still seeing new faces around campus. i am at the point that i call prov home, i've been here three years after all. the only down side of that is that most of my friends have graduated. i look around and see a sea of new faces and names. however today one of my dear friends is coming to visit me and i have not seen her since graduation last spring. it just so happens that her birthday is coming up and so i put together a little something for her. the one thing that i love to give for gifts is scrapbooks! they are so fun to make and become so personal. throughout making this mini book for her i was able to reflect on the past couple years i've spent here at prov. looking through pictures which triggers so many wonderful memories.

through reflecting on the past couple years at prov i was also able to see how God has been shaping and molding me into the person he wants me to be. he has allowed of both high moments and very low moments. when going through a valley it is often hard to see why i was going through this or why it has happened but with God walking by my side, or even carrying me at times, i am able to see how it has shaped and how God has used each situation to mold me more. being able to reflect on the past gives me such hope for the future even though it seems so uncertain at times. knowing that God has a plan and is leading me through it allows me to have a peace about it.

on a side note something very funny that happened this week: driving to timmy's with some friends and we are talking about how it is hard to have patience with some people. once we got to timmy's we sat done, maybe five minutes later a man came and sat with us and would not stop talking, he was unaware of social boundaries. once we left all we could do was laugh because we knew that God was laughing at us because he was allowing us to grow our patience.

September 9, 2010

so it begins

this is a day of firsts, my first blog posting, first day of classes in my senior year of college, first time being an ra and first time driving my car with only a donut tire on.

i am excited yet slightly nervous about having a blog. i will have a hard time posting on a regular basis but i'm excited for the challenge.

school has started which means that classes are under way now, i have been at school now for just over a week and a half. lets just say that i am ready for classes and dare i say homework! i believe that this year at school will be a wonderful growing experience. i know God has a wonderful plan i just need to trusting him and accept his will. it has been a somewhat difficult start going into this year as the majority of my close friends have all graduated or moved on to a different stage in life. this had left me feeling very alone in a place i loved to be. however i realized that i was not the physical place that i loved so much as it was the people surrounding me that i loved.

being an ra is part of the plan that God has for me to grow this year. my dorm is filled with some amazing girls and i know that new friendships are going to! pray for me as i start this new journey at school. pray for my girls as many of them are freshmen, they too are on a journey.

my car! oh my car... it seems to me that cars only give me grief. i am currently on my third car after replacing the engine this past summer i now have to buy new tires because the ones i have are shot. this wouldn't be so problematic but as noted earlier, i'm a college student! therefore i am not a fountain of endless money, this seems to be what my car needs. so today before my class i hope to go and get new tires for my car and not spend a fortune!