January 31, 2013

thankful {jan pic a day recap}

this year i am attempting to take a picture everyday. some days it's prompted by a photo challenge other days there are so many wonderful things to take pictures of that i have a no problem capturing moments from that day. pictures can bring back memories and emotions in an instant. so i hope that i am able to complete this challenge that i have put on myself but also not be to hard if i miss a day here or there.

{1. my view 2. crochet bowl 3. starting custom order 4. finishing custom order 5. pizza night with nik 6. potato dill soup      7. my love 8. blustery day 9. #shereadstruth 10. growing belly 11. babe and i snowed in at my moms 12. crochet with the babe 13. crib! 14. ice-never enough ice 15. pumped for the return of suits 16. valentines cowl}

i know that at the end of the year i will be very glad that i did this and be so thankful that i can look back at these pictures because this year is going to be BIG!

{17. soduko 18. growing belly 19. adventuring 20. blue prairie sky 21. date in night 22. bbq chicken soup 23. rug burn        24. lost my drawers 25. happy mail day 26. pretty clouds 27. nice enough to be out side and walk 28. bandwagon jumper    29. starting my morning right 30. my baby celery 31. happy time}

big because we are going to get to welcome our sweet little peanut into our life. i am so overjoyed and so thankful that i get to be a momma and that the Lord is trusting clint and i to raise a precious little human. i know it will be an time of growth for us both but i know that this is where the Lord has called us to be at this time in life.

happy last day of january! 
bring on february with all its lovey dovey-ness, cold winds, and snuggles.

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January 29, 2013

peppermint tea & thoughts of spring

let's have a coffee date and head to a local coffee shop because my home is infected with cold germs and i would hate for you to get them. i'm going to sip on some peppermint tea with honey, what will you be having? how has this winter been treating you? i am so ready for the cold to go away and the snow to slowly start melting. i am looking forward to going for walks with my little peanut in the fresh spring air. what are your favorite things about spring? i think i will 'plant' tulips along one of our windows soon. i am missing pretty flowers and fresh pops of colour.

the other day while i was getting ready i was think about how we will get to send out a mass text to friends and family to tell them the name and deets about our babes arrival. then i just started bawling my eyes out. i am so so excited and can hardly wait to meet this little munchkin that dances in my womb. this baby is such a blessing and i am learning a good lesson in patience and i'm not even over due (or close to it). plus i still have so much to do before peanut gets here. my sweet momma is painting up the baby furniture so that it all matches. i am very excited to get it back so i can put tiny clothes in the drawers

my sweet hubs is turning 25 pretty soon and i would like to do something special for him but i'm a little bit stumped. i have ideas but don't really know which would be the best to pick or if somehow mixing them all together would be best!? i don't want to share to many details in case he reads this post. he doesn't really read this little bloggity unless i am writing it while he is sitting next to me.  i love this man so much and i am so blessed to have him in my life so i want his day to be extra special!

well i've chatted your ear off. tell me what has been happening with you lately! what new adventures are you embarking on? what have you been learning as of late? are you planning any surprises or ways to bless someone you love, or a just random acts of kindness? is there any way i can pray for you this week? please do let me know i would love to hear from you.

have a blessed week!

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January 25, 2013

little joys: bread, oldies & snow

it's been a busy week. 
it's been an unbelievably cold week.
it's been a fun week. 
clint and i were planning on ice fishing but a storm came and all the roads were blown in
it was a beautiful white, clean winter scene. i also got a lot of crocheting and visiting time in.

 clint and i had one evening to ourselves this week and we both plopped down on the couch. i was crocheting he was playing video games. then he tells me that he is going to die quickly (in the game) so that we could do something together. we decided on boggle. when we were dating we played games a lot so it was fun to play again and it was so sweet of him to be intentional with spending our time together and not just being together.

 got to spend time with my grandparents,
 freezing our butts off, 
going on an adventure in the crazy weather.
 i felt like a little kid again all bundled up and hardly able to move. 
the truck broke down, it was fun! 

 this sweet little loaf of bread made me smile. 
when things are tiny sized they are just better. 

my brother turned 25 this past week
 my grandma brought out some oldies.
 this is my cousin and i 14 or 15 years ago. 

there is a fun giveaway going on over here to win some hooked shop credit.

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January 24, 2013

free crochet pattern: hearts

these hearts are perfect for using up small balls of yarn left over from bigger projects

materials needed:
size 5 hook

abbreviations used:
st - stitch
ch - chain
sl st - slip stitch
dc - double crochet
tr - triple (trebel) crochet

step 1. ch 4
 step 2. join to first st with a sl st
 step 3. 3 tr into loop
step 4. 3 dc into loop
step 5. ch 1
step 6. 1 tr into loop
step 7. ch 1
step 8. 3 dc into loop
step 9. 2 tr into loop
step 10. ch 3
step 11. sl st into the center
  snip the end and weave the tail in
presto your done!

January 23, 2013

Coffee Date & Link Love

Good morning! Come on in! Take a seat, would you like coffee or tea? I made some of these cookies would you like 1 or 5? How are you doing these days? What's been on your mind? My mind has been taken over with baby prep. I am getting so antsy now and I still have 9 ish weeks left. This sweet little bundle in my tummy loves to squirm about and stretch out. I am just getting so excited to meet him or her soon. Do you have any advice do you have for a first time momma? I ordered this sweet print for the nursery, I am very excited to hang it up.

Valentines is coming up. What fun things do you have planned? Or do you enjoy the day to stay in and make the day special at home? Clint and I aren't much for making a big deal about Valentines. Do you decorate for Valentines? This is a fun way to leave your special someone a love note, or what about this cute print or this one? I made some cute valentines mug cozies if you want one just pop over here. Ill even give you a special discount code 'coffeelove' for 20% off.

This past weekend Clint and I were visiting family but it was storming so our plans changed a bit.  The freshly fallen snow made everything so crisp and clean! 

All this snow and cold have me thinking about soups and warm comfort food. Want to swap recipes? I am always on the look out for some good healthy recipes. What are some of your favorites? Lately I have really been wanting to go vegetarian again. We will see after baby comes if I can manage to do it. Clint will never become a vegetarian so it makes meal planning a bit more difficult. Here are a few vegetarian recipes I want to try out.

What are your plans for the rest of the week? Anything out of the ordinary happening? I have a survey going on right now. I would really appreciate it if you popped over and filled it out. There is also a giveaway going on over here if you want to win some hooked by amber goodies. I hope that you have enjoyed coffee or tea  with me and that we can do it again some time soon. 

January 22, 2013


15 things im loving

01 my hubs, he is truly the best and i am so blessed
02 stretchy clothes
03 ice, never enough ice
04 #shereadstruth community
05 sunrises that knock my socks off
06 my momma for painting the bebe furniture for us
07 dates with friends
08 bebe kicks
09 my slow cooker
10 bright red toenails
11 my sista and friend for being models for zee shop
12 parenthood {the tv show}
13 fresh sheets on the bed
14 this
15 my body pillow

15 things im excited about

01 getting the bebe room all put together
02 sweet babe clothes folded all tiny and cute
03 ice fishing next weekend
04 spring
05 getting one of these in the mail
06 these new pretties
07 our bebe crib
08 being 10 weeks (ish) away from kissing my baby
09 watching my hubby become a daddy
10 finding out if we are having a boy or girl
11 tulips popping up
12 snow melting
13 longer days
14 my new glasses
15 getting to know you better

15 questions to get to know you better

01 where did you grow up
02 what did you want to be when you grew up
03 tea or coffee
04 chocolate or vanilla
05 kids
06 winter or summer
07 favorite bible verse
08 twitter or instagram
09 favorite blogs to read
10 favorite snack
11 teenage movie star crush
12 song that is stuck on repeat in your head
13 current favorite tv show
14 favorite dessert
15 hobby

my answers

01 middle of nowhere, manitoba, canada
02 mommy
03 both
04 vanilla
05 one on the way
06 both
07 1 thessalonians 5:16-18 is my verse for the year
08 instagram is my favorite (@amber_enns) but i have twitter too (@amberenns)
09 this one, this one and this one
10 right now all i ever want is ice but i do love popcorn
11 josh hartnett
12 this one because we have the album on repeat
13 parenthood
14 Fig Me├žnun this place has the best
15 crocheting

i would love to get to know you better. leave some or all of your answers in the comments with a link back to your blog so i can come say hi! i would also love if you could pop over and fill out this short survey.

January 21, 2013

30 weeks & a survey

I would love if you would take the time to fill out this survey.
Thank you so much.




January 18, 2013

little joys : puppy eyes, crib & cravings

this week has been busy but good. kind of lacking in sleep but there are still little things that have brightened up the week and brought me joy. 

dear cravings,
 you are so silly and all over the place: ice, radishes, & oatmeal. 
i guess that's expected with pregnancy. 

dear momma,
thanks for so lovingly working on the sweetest bebe quilt for peanut. 

dear old puppy,
i like you. 
i miss you.

dear baby,
i love you dearly, please move out of my ribs though

dear hubs,
thank you so much for being fabulous and building our sweet babes crib. 
i love seeing the excitement in your eyes when we talk about the bebe. 

dear friends,
thanks for coffee dates and sweet presents for my little peanut. 
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January 16, 2013

crochet pattern: loop around cowl

 as some of you may know i am an avid crocheter but i haven't posted a pattern on here in ages! 
i decided that needed to change. so here is a very simple pattern for a loop around cowl.

what i used:
wool ease think & quick yarn (i used 1 full ball and a little bit of a second ball)
10mm / P hook
yarn needle

ch - chain
dc - double crochet 
st - stitch

 1. ch 11
 2. dc in the second ch away from the hook
(pictured below)

3.  dc in every chain until the end (9)
 4. *ch 2 (counts as first dc in next row), turn work, skip first stitch, dc in every st until the end (9)*
5. repeat from * to * for 64 more rows

 6. once you have completed 66 rows altogether cut yarn making sure there is a 14-16 inch tail
7. sew the two ends together with yarn needle and tail end of the yarn

January 15, 2013

snow day


 i went to my mom's thursday evening because we had a funeral friday morning but we got storm stayed at her place. we made the best of it by crocheting, sewing, great conversation, watching the snow fly, cozy-ing up to the candles, documentary watching, watching and feeling the bebe dance inside me, laughing, enjoying each others company and relaxing.
(pictures taken by my sister and myself)

January 11, 2013

little joys this week

hello friends, happy friday to you all!
there were so many little things that made me smile this week.

 sweet juicy bebe niece cheeks

 spending time with my hubby

 having a pizza party and catching up with this beauty!

my father-in-laws birthday cake that he picked out

opening the shop back up.

 making up a new recipe that was super delish!

getting back into the Word.

all these little moments brought you by instagram you can follow me if you like @amber_enns

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January 10, 2013

recipe: slow cooker dilly potato soup

 i love coming home to the smell of food cooking, it is just so warm and inviting after being at work all day. i love soup especially in winter so this recipe is just too perfect.

what you need:
- 2 cups chicken broth
- 4 medium potatoes
- 2 celery stalks
- 1/2 large onion
- salt & pepper to taste
- handful fresh dill
- 1/4 cup flour
- 1 cup cream

what you do:
- chop up potatoes, onions, celery put them in the slow cooker add the chicken broth, salt & pepper
- turn on low and let it cook for 7-8 hours
- mix cream and flour together and stir into slow cooker mixture
- chop up dill and add that to slow cooker too
- let cook on low for 30 minutes 
- take lid off and let cook for 30 more minutes

this soup is so creamy and delish!
it was a huge hit with my hubby too!