July 30, 2011

happy birthday G

dear G

happy birthday to my biggest, little brother.
i love you much and i make it known.
but never, ever forget it!
got it?

so your 14 now?!
when did this happen?
how did this happen?
you are my little brother,
although you make it known that you are bigger than me
and have been for probably over a year now.

you grow facial hair like a pro ;)
your love reaches all that are around you.
you are a sunshine to everyone. (cue song)
you achieve great things, no matter where you are

i am blessed to call you my biggest little brother.
i love you much
thanks for putting up with my craziness.


Showcase your Shop {3}

Happy Saturday Friends!

Hope the weekend is finding you well.
It's been a while since I've had a Saturday showcase your shop link, Sorry!

So we'll get right to it.
Link up your shop.
Add a discount code in the name spot if you wish.
Share about this link up, the more the merrier!

July 29, 2011

my week consisted of...

it's friday, friday gotta get down on friday!

mmmkay now that I have that song stuck in my head and probably yours too, I would love to show you what I have been up to this week.

beach with friends.
we froze.
warm tea.
so creepy.
yet smiling.
new in the shop.
& coming soon.

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July 28, 2011

besties reunite!

Oh boy oh boy!!
(what an odd saying?!)

Today I am going to see some of my besties! I am sooo excited! It has been far to long since we have all been together.
My dear friend Kaila (one the left) recently got back from a missions trip to London and I am so excited to hear all about it.She also keeps telling me she has good news... I have so many guesses at to what it could be but I suppose I will find out for sure tonight! The three of us together again is just such an exciting thought!

I love besties!
Life is so much better with them!
Love you girls!


July 27, 2011

granny square afghan

Good morning friends!

I have been working on a collection of granny squares slowly since school started last fall.
I decided that I wanted to make an afghan so that's what I'm working towards. So far I am loving it. I finished putting a cream ring around each one and laid it out. I'm thinking that I will be needing to make some more granny squares to make it a bigger size. Good thing they are super wast to make and perfect for using up ends of yarn.


July 26, 2011


Hello friends!!
As I sit here typing to you all I am sipping back a vanilla latte... yummy! It's been kinda rainy here today so Clint and I are snuggling up to watch a movie. I' lounging in my sweat pants, my favorite!

I have also been busy making some new lovelies for the shop! I am pretty excited about all of them.
I would love to keep each and everyone but I also love to share them all with you!
Yesterday I introduced the
perfect posy collection.
If you would like one just let me know. Or if you would like specific colors or size let me know and I can customize it just for you!
I will also be introducing a new bunch of headbands that I am
I have yet to name them but they are so lovely
(the roll up with feathers is part of that collection).
If you have a good name for them please let me know.
I will pick my favorite and they will get a free headband.


July 25, 2011

first dibs!

Happy Monday!!!

Well if I have not told ya all before. I really love and appreciate my readers!
You are all so great!

As a thank you to you all for reading along here I am letting you have first dibs at a new bunch of headbands going into the shop.
Each item is one of a kind! So first come first serve.

I introduce to you the

perfect posy bunch

perfect wild flower posy
perfect secret garden posy
perfect vintage rose posy
perfect pair posy pins

perfect posy headbands $8
perfect posy pins $4

you can email me abranconier{at}hotmail{dot}ca
comment on which items you want.


all sales will be made through paypal

July 22, 2011

my week consisted of...

...my handsome puppy
...daycare (during nap time)
...road trip with my sista
...beautiful sunsets
...trampoline with my bean

happy weekend friends!
just for fun use the code
in my shop for 25% off
this weekend only


July 21, 2011

want to do a guest post??

good morning friends!!

have you ever wanted to do a guest post?
now is your chance!

you can share about pretty much anything as long as it fits in with my blog.
i have the right to decline if i feel it is not a good fit

if you are interested send me an email at


July 20, 2011


good morning friends!

i've got a little outfit post for ya today.

this one is from a while back but i found them and thought i'd share.
top: joe
head scarf: thrifted
earrings: ten thousand villages
top: joe
stay cool through this heat wave.


July 19, 2011

beat the heat

It is so stinkin' hot here!
Today it is calling for 37 but it's supposed to feel like 49 with humidity.
I have run out of clean shorts, because well laundry just isn't fun in the summer.
So what's a girl to do?Find an old pair of jeans and chop them!
I just lined up another pair of shorts and cut them at the same spot.
Then rolled them up!
Easy peasy!


*Bring Hope Home*

good morning friends!

If we were meeting for coffee or having a little visit I would not be able to resist telling you about the Wells family.They have been through so much, yet live to glorify Christ through it all.
Read Ben and Mattie have to share.

We (Ben and Mattie) met in 2004 while volunteering at a Sweetheart Banquet on Valentine's Day to raise money for missions. First and foremost we love the Lord and our family. Ben is an avid outdoors-man and works as a probation/parole officer. Mattie has worked in a school in one form or another for 7 years, but just recently was led to be a part of the local Crisis Pregnancy Center.

We had always thought of adoption as something we would do, but we weren’t sure of the timeline that God had planned for us. Over the course of the past four years, God has taught us so much from our biological children and one of the things we have learned is to always trust the Lord in everything. His timing is perfect. Our first child, Ethan, is 4 years old and is such an amazing kid. God taught us love like we had never known when he was born. Our daughter, Shyla Joy, was stillborn in 2009 due to undiagnosed blood clotting disorders. God showed us his comfort and strength through this time in our lives. A ministry for grieving parents was created through our pain and I (Mattie) began blogging at a blog now called, “Beauty Will Rise“. He showed us that family takes many shapes and forms and that although our family is separated by the veil of Heaven, we are still family. Love makes a family...not the picture on the mantle. Our littlest child, Jakin Isaac, was also born to Heaven in November of 2010. He was perfect in every way, except his little heart began beating too quickly and just could not go on forever like that. We asked God to heal it and He did by taking him home to Heaven. We were again comforted by God’s love and strength and again found comfort in reaching out to other parents. Before Jakin was born, we began talking more about adoption and feeling God leading our hearts in that direction. We felt the time was drawing close for us to begin the adventure of adoption and agreed that we would begin interviewing agencies the summer after Jakin was due to be born, but God had different plans. After Jakin went to Heaven, God began letting us know our time was nearing.

We signed our first piece of paper in January and have endured many ups and downs in the process, but we know in the end that wont matter. At this point, we have literally done all we can do and it is out of our hands. Our home study and all related paperwork was completed and just waiting to be sent to South Korea when we got word that the quota's for this year have been fulfilled and we more than likely have to wait until late fall to see any movement. At first, this was very disappointing, but then we saw it as God taking it out of our hands. All we have to do is wait. God has given us this time to begin adjusting our lives for our new arrival and work on the plan that we have to try our very best to adopt debt free.

Mattie is blogging about our adoption journey at Bring Hope Home.

We appreciate any donations along the way, but mostly we covet your prayers for God’s wisdom and peace to be with us along this road!


What an amazing story that I'm sure touch each of our hearts.

Please join together and support this family in what ever way you are able to.
sending them encouraging words as they step out in faith.

There will be an amazing online auction going on to raise funds to Bring Hope Home.
It will run from July 25 - 30 so be sure to follow along there so you don't miss out.
Also would you be so kind to spread the word?


July 18, 2011


I love summer.
the sunshine
the flowers
the warmth
the r&r time.

I am starting to realizing that I only have a month and a half left til school starts.
such a crazy thought.
part of me is excited the other part not so much.
I am super excited to be living with my wonderful friend Beth.
but I am not ready for papers and homework.

until then I will
enjoy each day.
spend time with my love.
soak up the sun.
go to the beach.
eat fresh berries.
hangout with friends.

life made lovely


July 15, 2011

flowers, toesies & love

Hello Hello

I'm late on posting because I was packing for this weekend. I'm going to pick wild flowers out at my grandparents place. It will be a splendid time I am sure.

I have a few pictures from this week for ya.

Fresh picked flowers...mmm!
sweet bebe toesies!
my love! he makes me heart melt!

sweet and simple!
have a fantastic-o weekend!


July 13, 2011

Winner Winner!

The winner of the Rouge & Whimsy giveaway is......

Alison of Random Pockets of Chaos

Woo Hoo!!

Alison send and email my way and I can get you connected with Erika.


July 12, 2011

weekend adventure

This past weekend was a fun filled weekend. Clints fam jam all got together and headed to the city for an eventful weekend.
There were lots of fun activities planned however I was stuck doing this.

crocheting * warm honey lemon water * my cozy
I was sick in bed. I had gone to the clinic because I didn't want to be down in the dumps all weekend. The doctor said I had an infection, he tested me for strep but it wasn't that thank goodness. After he told me that though he told me that I may have mono.... WHAT?! no way I, Amber Branconier, do not get such things! Plus I work at a day care so all my sicknesses come from snotty nosed kids, why would they have mono? But after resting the weekend away I am feeling much better and will not be going back to get tested for mono.

ps. isn't the dinosaur blanket that i snuggled with all weekend the greatest?!
I did manage to make it to the children's museum on sunday it was lots of fun!
smiley face slide * face imprints
sleepy baby * milk wallwater station * splash time

July 11, 2011

crochet goodies

Happy Monday!

Sorry I have been slacking with the crafting posts as of late. Summer is just a busy time especially when there are beautiful summer days to enjoy and active kids that want to enjoy them with.

I will probably slow down blogging for the summer to enjoy the time outside and with family and friends. But no worries I will still be around just not as frequently.

Moving along.

I have been an a crocheting kick recently. Does anyone else go through phases of crafting?
Well I have been working on my granny square afghan. I have decided that I want the last ring around to be the same for each square so I'm just working my way through that, then it just needs to be put together! I am very excited! It will also cross off one of my 25 by 25 goals once it is done. (I will post pictures, eventually)

I bought some new yarns last week. I got a little excited and made a slouchy that was going to go into the shop but I kinda fell in love with it.

If you would like one I can make another one just leave me a comment saying so.
Or if you would like any crochet goodies just leave me a comment or email me at
and we can figure out the details.

I have also been trying to use up some smaller balls of yarn that I have laying around. I feel guilty buying more when I still have a bunch. That's probably for the better. So to use up my scarps I have been slowly working on another afghan.

It gets used every once in a while. I'm excited for this one to get finished too.
I recently thrifted some amazing chairs and I want them both to have companions.


looking for some amazing freebies?
check out this giveaway and this one too
today is the last day to enter both of them.