October 4, 2013


a few glimpses of life lately around  here

fall is here // laundry helper // ranger ride with Grammy // goofy boy!

morning play // orders & stock // I.want.the.puppy. // grocery lists are yum!
Spikes for days // custom order // date night // cutest dinosaur around

October 2, 2013

6 month

 happy half birthday my sweet baby boy!
micah might be one of the happiest babies i've ever met. he is so content and laid back. he teaches me daily. i wish i could forgive and love the way he does.

behind the chubby cheeks and baby blues is a sensitive snuggle bug who loves his mama and dada, a lot. this little man is an introvert and shows a whole different side of himself when he is at home hanging out with just us. 

 micah dislikes:
running errands
get stuck under furniture

 micah loves:
when daddy comes home
being nakkie 

put everything in his mouth
scoots backwards everywhere
has hair growing in - enough to had bed head
wants to crochet or at leave have all the yarn
toots all the time
has the cutest rolls

micah you bless this momma on the daily! my heart just bursts with love for you.
God has blessed us more than we ever deserve when he gave us you.