February 28, 2013

5 dollar craft swap

so a little while ago i signed up to be apart of a super fun swap that april was hosting.
the deal was to craft something for your partner but the max you could spend was $5!
this got my creative juices flowing and i was lucky enough to be paired up with the lovely april herself!

i was very excited when i got the mail that day,
not only did i get my lovely package from april but some other goodies too.
it was a very happy mail day indeed! 

i quickly opened the lovely package and took a peek in.
it was very hard for me to stop and take pictures i just wanted to dive in! 
does anyone else have this problem when it comes to getting happy mail?

cutest little goodies in my bento box! 

it was wrapped up so cute! 
i was giddy! 

look at this cute print and frame. 
april had asked me what our nursery colours were and now i know why! 
doesn't it look darling with my i sew lucky owl??

check out what everyone else got from the swap here or check it out on instagram #5dollarcraft.

February 14, 2013

link love on love day!

happy valentine's day!
any exciting plans today? 
anyone get some sweet surprises this morning?

{perfect print for valentines day & everyday}

as i have been browsing the interwebs this week i have found some
fun stuff, 
yummy stuff and
inspirational stuff.
i thought i would share these with you.
loving this post by caroline and she made this sweet printable as a daily reminder. 
it comes in lots of different colour options too!

made this chipotle shredded beef  for supper this week. amazing! 

this fun print from yellow heart art is to great and an absolute must if we have a baby boy! 

 this adorable OOAK doll made by the sweet mandy is an absolute must if we have a baby girl!

i love to support handmade because it is helping individual people fulfill their dreams and live out there passions. this post by julie ann art reaffirmed the heart behind the handmade community. her post is a must read for anyone that supports handmade.

minestrone soup on cold days is always a sure way to warm ya up from the inside out!
check out heather's recipe!

this is a super fun series that jordyn has put on.
and she is way to cute, you should pop over and say hi!

any duck dynasty fans out there? 
we are huge fans in our house and so is jessi and she made this print that will be up on our wall very soon! it also makes me happy, happy, happy that this adorable print is free.

i ordered my very first better life bags, my diaper bag
i am super duper excited to get it and pack it so that i feel that much more prepared for sweet peanut to arrive. i also love that when you buy these bags they give back.

you can also use code SPRINGCLEANING for 30% in the shop
valid until midnight friday 2/15

February 13, 2013

Recipe: Chicken Fajitas & Mexi Rice

i have said it before but quick, easy,  healthy meals are the best. 
here is a recipe that both clint and i really enjoyed. 

chicken fajitas & mexi rice


fajita filling  
1 tbsp olive oil 
1/2 onion - chopped
2 chicken breast - sliced
1 tbsp chili powder
1 tbsp cilantro
2 bell peppers - sliced
1 tbsp lime juice
1/2 can black beans

tortilla wraps
sour cream

mexi rice
2 cups cooked rice (i use leftover rice)
1 tbsp olive oil
2 cups corn
1/2 can black beans
1 pint grandma's homemade salsa (or whatever you prefer because you probably don't have my grandmas homemade salsa)
2 tbsp cilantro
1 tbsp chili powder

what to do {fajita filling}
pour olive oil in frying pan on med high heat
add onion and cut up chicken once pan is hot. 
add in chili powder and cilantro.
stir it up and add a bit of water (1/4 cup) and put the lid on - i like doing this so the chicken stays moist but it's optional.
once chicken is almost done add in peppers and beans - we like our peppers a bit on the crunchy side so i put them in only for 1-2 mins but if you like to have yours softer cook them until they are the desired tenderness. squeeze lime over top before filling your tortilla wrap.
fill tortilla wrap and top with salsa and sour cream - if you wish.

what to do {mexi rice}
pour olive oil into frying pan on med heat 
add rice (if it's left over rice break it up a bit so it gets heat and flavor evenly distributed)
add salsa, cilantro and chili powder
add 1/4 off water and stir so that all the rice is covered with the juices.
add in corn and black beans
stir it all together and wait til corn and beans are hot (3-4 min)
serve on the side with fajitas or put it inside of your fajita 


February 12, 2013

33 weeks

well sweet little peanut you have baked a full 33 weeks so far only a short 
little while until we get to meet your cute self!

use code SPRINGCLEANING for 30% in the shop off your whole purchase
valid from February 12 - February 15

February 11, 2013

weekend haps

my momma came out this weekend to help me nest a bit.she so lovingly painted up the babes furniture so that it all matches. since we are in a rental home we didn't bother with painting the walls but it will still look so cute with everything all together.

 i was very excited to get things in there places and have some order in the room. i have been leaving the door closed to the babes room so that i didn't have to look at the chaos. i do not like it when things don't have a place and stuff isn't organized. saying i was getting a wee bit antsy might be an understatement.    

we folded itty bitty clothes.
 figured out how to button up the cloth diapers that had a million buttons on them. 
arranged and rearranged the furniture. 
sorted boys, girls and gender neutral clothes.
 packed away clothes that will be used a little ways down the road.

consider these pictures the 'before' pictures of the nursery. 

we still have...
 art to hang
 change table to get from my moms 
mobile to make
floor lamp to get
 a baby to bring home

February 8, 2013

little joys: peter rabbit, day date & washi tape

 this week has been a little crazy! i have been sick, haven't been able to sleep and had my glucose test (i h.a.t.e. needles of any sort so it was less than pleasant) 

 yummmmy.. sarcasm... glucose beverage

despite those few low points there were many little joys in my week that made me smile.
here are a few i captured through instagram << you can follow along if you like!

 my sweet in laws came to visit us took us out for supper then we headed to the wonderful world (according to me, clint thinks differently) of ikea. 
i found a few things that would look lovely in our home.

these sweet nieces of mine have decided that ice is super yummy too! 
so we chowed down together!


clint and i were  able to have a date day since i had a doctor appointment mid day in the city.  
we did a little bit of baby shopping. 
peter rabbit onesie! hooded baby towels! 
it was so great to not have an agenda, not be rushed and have the day just the two of us.

 three preggo ladies, these cousins are going to have a fun time growing up together.
is it at all obvious who is due first?!?

 pretty organized calendars are my favorite.
 i was a bit behind on getting february done but it's so cute in it's washi tape glory that i don't mind.

my heart skips a beat when my husband talks to our baby. 
he is so proud and excited. 
i can't even express how excited i am to see him be a daddy.

what are the little joys from your week?

linking up here and here

February 6, 2013

link love: for baby

 there are a few things i'd like to get done before baby comes.

sewing up a bunch of cuteness is on that list of things to do. 

if you follow me on pinterest then you would know that i have been on a baby inspired pinning spree!

what kind of goodies do you like to sew, if you sew?

im not a very seasoned sewer but i'd love to get better so we shall see how some of these projects turn out. 

do you have a sewing pinterest board? if so please leave the link in the comments so i can check it out!

February 5, 2013

baby talk & 32 week update

yesterday clint and i headed to the city to go meet the doctor that will be delivering our sweet peanut. she is the nicest lady and she has put my mind at ease. she confirmed my suspicions that peanut as turned and it now head down. now i hope and pray that the babe stays that way. unfortunately i am still strep b + which means IV for me.  it is probably one of my biggest worries about labor so far. also our due date got pushed back by two days, so we are now due march 28.

clint and i were able to go shopping for peanut after our appointment. i am so excited to see our sweet babe in those cute little hooded towels. seriously anything cuter?  i am also working on a cute baby cocoon for our babe. i was asked to do one for a custom order and loved it so much so i'm making another one and they will probably be appearing in the shop some time soon. speaking of the shop have you seen the new goodies that just got listed? use code 'bloglove' for 15% off your order. 

February 2, 2013


 hey friends just wanted to show you some of the new goodies in the shop! be sure to pop over and take a peek at everything!



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can't wait to see if you won?
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