June 30, 2011

Thankful Thursday {3}

Thankful Thursday is a place to link up the little things that you have been thankful for this week.

This week I am so thankful for beautiful sunsets!

I just love them, especially when I go out with this guy and watch the sun set.

Thankful Thursday is a place to link up the little things that you have been thankful for this week. Link up what you are thankful for. If you want to snatch a button or link back that would be fantastic.

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June 29, 2011

vintage gingerbread

I am loving this shop!
I love vintage so this lovely little shop only feeds my addiction.

See what I mean?!
Everything is so wonderfully priced and adorable! You just have to take a peek.
You can also pop on over to gingerbread and meet April the owner of this lovely little shop.


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what i wore - snuggles, adventering & work

Summer is here!
It's very exciting.
For some reason, summer doesn't seem to arrive until kiddos are out of school.
(In Canada this is the first week of holidays for kiddos)
Although I have been done for two months and have two months left
it seems like the break is just starting now.

You may have noticed I don't really do the picture a day, in a mirror outfit posts.
I just find everyday life pictures are more fun.
So here are some get up from this past week.

we went exploring through the fields and looking at all the flood damage. we are walking on water in this picture. it just shows how much debris there is.

good morning sweet pea! ha i love the look that she is giving me.
life handmade CELEBRATE = 50% off.... go go go

on nice days i like to bike to work. its only a 10 min bike so its a nice way to start the day

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June 28, 2011

good sunny morning!

Good morning !!

How about some fresh homemade ice tea... it tastes like sunshine!

So glad that you have popped over today. We would most definitely be sitting outside in the front yard soaking up the sun while we chat. I just can't get enough sun, the warmth is the best. It feel like a hug from God.

If you were over this morning I would tell you about the great time I had this weekend at home {pictures to come} my mom had a great 40th birthday bash. Surrounded by tons of great friends and family. There was a ton of laughter! it was great.

What did you do for the weekend? Low key? Busy?

Oh my you must see these beauties!

I love peonies, they are so beautiful.

Also the music that I would have playing in the back ground would be Jacob & Lily.
I love them right now.

Have a great day!

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{Call Me Blessed} a giveaway

Ehllo hello friends! Happy Tuesday to you all, yup each and everyone of you!
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June 26, 2011

leviticus 19:18 & a winner

Happy Sunday everyone!
I hope it is a beautiful day where ever you are.
{picture taken by Clint}

The winner from my 100 follower giveaway is.....
Shoot me an email because I can't find your email address on your blog.


June 25, 2011

Showcase your Shop {1}

Happy Saturday to you all! Hope it's a great one.

I'm sure we all know that getting our shop names out there can be a challenge and expensive after a while and most link ups don't allow shops. So this link up is to Showcase your Shop! If you have a shop that is family friendly link it up. Browse around and visit other peoples shops too.
If you wish to share a discount code add it to your name spot.
I will also pick a shop to showcase next Saturday.
Simple, free advertising... it's a win win situation.

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June 23, 2011

iced coffee, roses & toes

Happy Friday lovelies!!
Hope that you have an amazing weekend plan, whether it be relaxing and doing nothing or having a jam packed weekend.

This week has been a fun, busy, happy week. Lemme show you!

{googly boogly glasses}
{auh-mazing vintage find of the week}
{sweet chubby toesies}
{dirt is yummy...really}
{dollar iced coffee... yes please}
{ice-cream sandwich mustache... the best kind}
{freshly painted toe nails}
{roses in bloom}
Ah yes! I love my life!
I am so happy and content where I am at right now it is a wonderful thing.
Life is beautiful!

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Thankful Thursday {2} a link up

Good morning friends!

I trust that you will have a fantastic day!

Today for Thankful Thursday I would like to share about my momma! With it being her birthday this week I thought I'd share about her a bit.

This is my sister, momma and me. They came to visit me while I was in collage last year.
My momma is a wonderful lady and I love her much!
She's kinda a little bit crazy (I come by it honestly) and I love that about here. It's always a fun time to be had when with her. We dance in the kitchen, and talk in weird voices, people looking in often wonder about us. I love that about her.My momma is one of my besties and I'm truly blessed to have her as my momma.


Link up what you are thankful for here.

June 21, 2011

what i wore - date, driving & girls day

Hello hello!!
How ya doing this fine day?
I have a few outfit posts for you today.
girls day
the deets
top - vanity
scarves - oh so lovely vintage
jana's dress - joe
driving around after father's day family gathering
cream tank - gap
lace tank - gap
earrings - gift from my momma
date night
top - joe
cardi - fairweather
purse - h&m
top - bootlegger
undershirt - made by clint (don't know the website he uses)


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100 follower giveaway!

Thank you for following along with me as I share about my life, crafty ventures, and my shop.
I never would have thought my blog would have grown the way it has.
Thanks for making it happen.

So for you I have a special little giveaway and major discount code!

There are lots of different colours I can make the flowers. The winner and I can discuss this.

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sushi, pools & popcorn

Good morning dear friends!
How are ya doing this fine morning?
I will have a latte with cinnamon lightly sprinkled on top.
What are you having this morning?

Over coffee today I would be kinda on the giddy side because last night was date night! We headed to the city and had copious amounts of yummy sushi! It's kind of a date night must.first off sushi pizza?! what?! and i thought that the crabmeet was pretty funny.
Also if you are ever at a lose of what to do on a hot afternoon with kids, or kids at heart... kiddie pools are great!
especially when you try and get them to get their face wet by showing them how to do the motor boat.
Last night we looked around sugar mountain, which is an old train car turned into a candy shop! Super fun! And looky what I found! I thought pink popcorn had gone extinct. I never really liked the stuff but it still brings back memories.

Also I am now playing words with friends, if you play too start a game with me Abranconier. You will be sure to win because spelling is not my forte... at all.

Lastly be on the look out this week as I will be celebrating having 100 followers (better late than never right?)


June 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Momma!

Momma!! It's your birthday!!
Today you are 40 years young!

But no one would be able to tell.

Happy Birthday!!

See ya on friday.


ma new earring holder

On my thifting adventures this past weekend I found the perfect hoop and fabric! I knew exactly what I wanted to do with it. And so my new earring holder was born. Now I can see them sitting there looking pretty. It was the simplest little project and instant gratification! Just what I like.


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a weekend of wonderful

This weekend was full of wonderful! On Saturday I made the little journey to my friends place and we had a blast. It just so happened to be the fair in town so we had fun walking around looking at all the little shops. Jana bought some sweet vintage scarves from this adorable shop.
oh so lovely vintage
Of course we hit up the thrift store. I found some great vintage fabrics and other crafty bits. This sugar and creamer set put a smile on my face.
After waltzing about for a while we wanted to stop for a little snack, however fair food is not really our thing, so we stopped in for some yummy sushi!After a walking around and soaking up some rays we headed home to cool down with some lemonade (made by sweet Elyn) and some ice tea.
The weather was just to beautiful to be inside we relaxed in hammocks under a beautiful canopy of leaves.For supper we had the most scrumptious beautiful picnic.
It was the most lovely day! A treasure in my memory bank. I love you dear Jana, thanks for being my friend.


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June 18, 2011

friendly time!

Happy Saturday!!

I hope you have a splendid day wherever you are and whatever you may be doing.

I am going to visit this girly today!! And I'm super excited about it.
We are going thrift store shopping... my fav!Blessings,

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June 17, 2011

my life this week

Hello hello!!
This week has been great, had a bunch going but it was all wonderful.

{planted some basil, that my super sweet friend Bethy gave me}
{breakfast date}
{homemade latte}
{heart garland in the making... watch the shop}
{playing in the dirt with the kiddos}
{washing the mud off}
Happy Weekend!
What plans do you have? I'm excited to be visiting with a dear friend our only plans are to hit up the local thrift store!


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