September 28, 2014

Micah man is 18 months!

sweet boy its hard to believe that you are a year and a half already! where has the time gone? 
you my sweet boy are full of life, awe, and love.

 you can be pretty serious sometimes but you still love to have fun and belly laugh. 

 you love to go adventuring and are constantly discovering the world around you. 

when you are at home with momma and daddy you are such a goof ball.

 you are in awe of God's creation and love being outside all.the.time. 

you love both momma and daddy so much and show us by all your hugs and kisses. 

you love reading books, feeding grammy's chickens, visiting daddy at work ad getting truck rides, breakfast, barkely, your friends, geese, going to the post office, dance parties, and so much more. 

sweet boy our prayer for you is micah 6:8

seek justice,
love mercy,
walk humbly.

we love watching you grow up, it's just happening to fast!