December 31, 2011

December 30, 2011

life according to my phone: holiday edition

1. yummy cookies made by grandma
2. mom r.e.a.l.l.y. wanted everyone to sleep by the tree but i was the only one who would
3. my littlest brother is not so little anymore
4. my grandparents got alpacas, they are so much smaller than i thought
5. coffee cheese cake for breakfast, no big deal
6. mom lost erin's stocking so she got a sock instead
7. the newest addition to our family sweet baby teyah, which means precious, and she truly is
8. got this book for christmas and i am r.e.a.l.l.y. enjoying it so far
9. making some t-shirt yarn for a kitchen rug i want to make
10. my beautiful sister modeling an owl hat that is for sale

December 29, 2011

sponsor life...unscripted

hello!!i hope you are all recovered/recovering from the fantastic Christmas weekend
just wanted to pop in to let you know that there are sponsorship spots available for january.
there several different sponsorship/advertising options so be sure to check them out.

December 21, 2011

Christmas gathering {1}

this weekend we had our first Christmas gathering.
it was great fun and made my heart smile being able to see everyone again.on saturday two of clints sisters and i went looking at Christmas lights. there were some decked out houses and we drove around the island of lights which was fantastic.sunday after church we all gathered at mom and dads. we ate a fantastic meal (i got yummy vegetarian food). clint read the Christmas story to remind us of the reason we are truly celebrating. patiently waiting to open presents...
still patiently waiting...once 'go' was said it was a mad frenzy!
they kids got so excited over each toy it was great to see their reactions.
after all the gifts were opened and the mountains of paper cleaned up.
toys were played with and games were played.
it was a great time!

December 18, 2011

luke 1:68-70

happy sunday!
may we truly reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas.


December 16, 2011

my life this week according to my phone

wooo-hoo its Christmas break!that doesn't really effect me to much though, i still have to work.
campus is completely dead though but
best of all clint is in holidays so we get lots of time together... to wedding plan! this week the weather was crazy!! it was raining in december in manitoba... that is unheard of! and made for very slow and dangerous driving conditions.i got this for my birthday and have been enjoying it greatly! thank you lynnette!
Christmas banquet fun! my very last one as a college student at providence university college.
i managed to finish up my paper even though i procrastinated at every chance i got.
baked some super duper yummy Christmas cookies!i have been trying to use small balls of yarn that i have filling baskets around my place.
i have really been enjoying my new job! i am working with intellectually disabled adults, i couldn't ask for a better job right now!

December 15, 2011

as i avoided writing my final paper...

...i found some fabulous tutorials and links and thought i would share them with you!

i love this tutorial on lace trimming your socks. i love little personal details like this in an outfit.
with the snow blowing out side its nice to be cozy inside and this...
t-shirt rug is so perfect!
we all have extra t-shirt laying around so you wouldn't even need to buy anything!jewelry pile up so easily, especially earrings with all there cute little details and such
so this lace earring display is a perfect and pretty way of avoiding that mess.i stumbled across these journals.
they are amazing.
inside there are little prompts to help you in your journaling journey.
they are a tool to help you celebrate your life .
there are different types: prayer journals, recipe journals,
life journals, kids journals and activity books and
loads more in Katies shop, Gadanke.
seriously go now and check them out!

happy almost weekend

December 14, 2011

yummy hummus recipe

i have a super yumm-o recipe for you today.
i love hummus but i didn't have all the 'right' ingredients
so i made up this little recipe not knowing what it would taste like
but let me tell you it was so yummy! hummus
1 can drained and rinsed chic peas
3 tbsp water
2 tbsp lemon juice
10 olives
1 tsp garlic
dash of red pepper flakes

blend it all together and serve with something you like to dip.
i usually like veggies with hummus but grocery shopping day is tomorrow so i'm running low.
i did however have some naan bread.
i just mixed together some olive oil and parsley brushed it on the naan bread popped it in the oven under the broiler for a minute or so just to toast 'em up.
cut them into wedges and enjoy!

what are some simple quick recipes that you like?
do you like to just find stuff in the fridge and throw it together hoping that it will turn out?

histroy of pretty things

as clint and i were planning for the wedding
i remembered boutonnieres,
i figured they would be simple enough to make so i found some inspiration.
harvest boutonnieregrooms boutonniere

as i was looking at them i thought what is the reason for have a boutonniere?
what is the history behind them?all natural boutonnierefeather boutonniere

according to wiki they are just there to look pretty.
there is no other significant purpose to them.

this makes me think of all the traditions that we cling so closely to
do we know why certain traditions have been passed down?
what they truly mean?
what traditions do you have?
not only are traditions followed in weddings but
also during this up coming Christmas season.

December 13, 2011

cram time

if you were to come over for coffee this morning this is what you would see.
i would still be in my jammies
i would be covered in a sea of books
i will my laptop on my lap and i would hopefully be feverishly typing away.

you see this is my last paper of the semester
i have set a personal deadline and that deadline is.... today by 4:30!
i have 2200 words left to write, then edit, format, print, and hand in!

so unfortunately a morning coffee date probably wouldn't be very fun.

hope your day is more fun than this!

December 12, 2011

guess what i did this weekend?!?

went shopping for my wedding dress!!
it was crazy, fun, overwhelming, tiring, full of static, and memorable.i didn't pick the dress but i do have it narrowed down to two.
the only problem is that they are so different from each other,
i like and love things about both of them!
it is going to be a very tough decision!
i wish i could post the pictures on here and have you vote but,
i don't want some curious eyes stumbling upon it.

what was your experience like when you went wedding dress shopping?
i am also planning on doing a series on weddings in the new year.
if this is of interest to you please send me an email

have a happy monday

December 9, 2011

it's friday friday gotta get down on friday

happy friday friends!let's celebrate by lighting some sparklers,
i still jump away from the sparks,
even though i know they won't do anythingthis cluster of candles is my make shift fireplace to keep me cozy.
chapel this week we did a condensed version of advent, sang Christmas carols, it was lovely.i pick up a latte and finished my last set of questions for class,
now to finish off my final paper.
that latte kept me up far to late though,
you think i'd learn not to drink caffeinated beverages after nine.the last set of reading that we did for class were really intense and so our prof brought coffee, Christmas oranges, and other yummy goodies.
i also got to visit with a good friend while we watch basketball.
she's a goof and so much fun to be with.
those books are my future final paper.of course i did some wedding planning this week :)
this silly cat was playing with this bag on the kitchen table (ick i know) but he jumped inside, flung back, fell off the table and continued to walk around with it stuck around his neck.

last chance

you only have today and tomorrow to take advantage of this amazing sale

enjoy shopping

have a happy weekend

December 8, 2011

Christmas-y home tour

hello and welcome
grab a cup of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, what ever Christmas-y drink you wish and join me as i give you a quick little tour of my placei live in a basement suite so as you come down the stairs you will be greeted by this lovely little wreath i made from a vine. unfortunately living in a basement means a lot of unnatural light but it is still cozy, warm and very beth and amber.
as you come in you will find our little note centre and where we drop our keys. the little gingerbread man and bird keep a good watch of the place. i found some bittersweet in the ditch and my dear clint went and cut it down for me. i'm a sucker for bringing the outdoors in. i also made some gingerbread men garland and hung it up in the we move into the livingroom you will find, yet again, some outside life indoors. i love red willow branches and clint once again so lovingly went and cut some down for me. our simple tree is decorated with gingerbread men and little snowmen. i made some very simple but cute (in my opinion) stockings to up. under them is a nativity scene my great great aunt bought me years ago. it is so cute and colourful.
beth and i have candles scattered e.v.e.r.y.w.h.e.r.e. and out place smells amazing because of it. i just got this bath and body works, butter and rum, candle and it always smells like baking :)on the other side of the living room is a wonderful built in desk and bookshelves. this is my sewing area and where all of our lovely Christmas music comes from. together we have a collection of books, vintage pieces passed down from grandparents, candles, and recipes books that we display is my room. i'm keeping it real here friends, its the last week of school so there are papers and things laying about. i once again have branches :) there was lots of left over bittersweet so i tied it together and hung it from the ceiling. i want to make some little birds to perch on the branches. once again the gingerbread men make an appearance on yet more red willow branches. i have little cluster of candles, old bottles, perfume, and an etsy print.

this is my first place (besides dorm) so far it has been great.
i have loved decorating for Christmas for the first time in my own place.
i hope you enjoyed this little tour.
come back again some time.


enjoying the moments

this week i am...enjoying winter, even though it's cold,
writing in my handmade Christmas cards,
finishing off the last Christmas gift and wrapping it up,and counting down the days til clint and i get married!