December 17, 2012

around here

this is what the last little while has looked like in our house. 
we have been able to stay home and relax in the evenings before the Christmas chaos begins.
we have also been trying to process what has been happening in the states as well as china.
my heart is broken.
 gingersnaps and coffee,
camping out in the living room watching miracle on 34th street

 healthy growing baby cannot wait to meet our sweet little peanut! 

 this little man is still with us and i am soaking it up
 i have so missed having a dog around so much! 
 some doodles i did this week
 went through my yarn stash to try and organize and compact it.
apparently i am fond of blues and browns.

December 14, 2012

glittery deer, free print, poppers & more {link love}

 it has been a busy week over here with this cute new guy in our house.

i made this yummy baked fish with salsa for supper this week 
but instead of bisquick i just used flour and cornmeal and it turned out great! 

i have loved looking at beautifully decorated homes thanks to this lovely link up!

this freezer paper stenciling is so on my to do list this winter! 

this post was very encouraging to read since i am hoping to breastfeed our babe

ummm so my hubby would love me forever and ever if i made him these... 
6 month wedding anniversary coming up perhaps the perfect time?

have you seen this christmas in a box for the hard to buy for or if you need a last minute idea?

do you have littles in your life that would love getting there fingers and toes messy with paint?
then this is the perfect christmas craft for you!

speaking of littles i may have gotten our little one of these and maybe one of these and a little of this too!
 have you printed out this free winter printable yet?? 
go do it now! 

hope you have a wonderful weekend full of fun winter and memory making! 

December 11, 2012


 so one of the upstairs tenants brought home this sweet little guy.

meet hamilton.

look at that face. i melt.

however they have a cat and the two of them did not get along. i believe there may have been some jealousy issues. being a dog person i gladly welcomed him into our home. he was out in the cold where my friend works wandering about. he has been posted online as a missing puppy and we hope his owners find him, kinda, i have also grown attached to him.

it is quite obvious that he has been house trained and loves people. so i am sure that there is a person or family out there missing him.

until then we are showering him with love and attention.

December 9, 2012

christmas tree adventure

clint and i went out on our first christmas tree adventure. we weren't planning on getting a tree since we are hardly going to be around this year for christmas but then i heard about a farm near by where you cut down your own tree. i thought it would be a fun little adventure for our day so we went to check it out.

 we quickly realized we were not dressed for the frigid -28 but we decided to make the best of it. we wanted to cut down our own tree but all we could find was pre-cut trees so we wandered around that barn for a while enjoying the wonderful smells of the pine and crisp air. we found someone who looked like they worked there and asked him where to go. he pointed us in the right direction and gave us tokens for free hot chocolate. 

we hopped onto one of the horse drawn sleighs and dropped off at a patch of trees with a saw and told that we could pick which ever we wanted from that area. we knew we wanted a spindly little charlie brown tree. there were a quite a lot of charlie brown trees but we were looking for the perfect one!

we found it! 
the perfect spindly charlie brown tree.
it was just sitting there in all it's glory waiting for us clint to saw it down.
 it took clint all of two seconds to saw through the trunk and whip it over his shoulder.  we were far to cold to wait for the next sleigh to come around and pick us up and our tree was perfectly tiny that we just walked back to the main lodge. on our way back we found a cozy little fire, to warm our toes. once we got back to the lodge one of the men working there came over chuckling and asked for our tree ticket, he was kind enough to marked down the price for us since we had picked such a 'large tree'. we brought our tree to the truck, got it all strapped down then headed inside for some hot chocolate and peanuts.

now we just have to wait to set it up and decorate it because we don't have a tree stand.
i'll post pictures once it's all prettied up. 

December 3, 2012

winner, a bump & links

happy monday to you all. 
first off thank you for all the lovely birthday wishes!
winner of the birthday bash giveaway is hannah! i'll be emailing you soon lovely lady!

 our little peanut is growing up and my belly is growing out. 

 i would love to own this amazing nativity handpainted by the amazing lindsay
reading this pregnancy journey had me marveling and how amazing God's timing truly is
 and how He is in control.

 this precious Christmas printable is free free free.

there are also free adorable Christmas printables here and here.

i can't decide what kind of cookies to make for our cookie swap but these look so yummy!

i needed to read this, this past week. 

hope you have a great monday and week!

linking up here and here

November 30, 2012

this week

 this week started out kinda stressful and is ending with my birthday and a christmas banquet.
i was very thankful to have an understanding loving husband by my side this week and he helped me calm down when i was freaking out and told me to go relax right when i needed it. i am blessed!
 my sweet momma got me these adorable vintage buttons

 she has also been working on this amazing quilt for bebe peanut! 
unfortunately her sewing machine broke down so now she is a little stressed. 
 the paparazzi were after me this week.
i couldn't complain since they are the sweetest nieces ever! 

 christmas arrived and my in-laws house.
 got our christmas cards printed out, now to get them delivered and mailed out. 
(i may still have a large stack of thank you cards from our wedding waiting to go out, but just maybe)
 what happens when a pregnant lady goes grocery shopping on an empty stomach?
ice-cream and raspberries, that's what!
small group this week was much needed, 
so glad we decided to go instead of stay home because we were both so tired.  
psalm 34

 another craving i was more than willing to cave to this week.

it was a busy week
but it was a restful week in ways that we were not expecting.
the Lord carried me through because i didn't have the strength and i am so thankful.

this weekend will be full of celebrating birthdays and visiting family!

November 29, 2012

embracing the camera

i am embracing the camera with my sister today. 
i love that sweet girl.

ps. it's my birthday week have you seen the sweet birthday bash giveaway going on?

November 28, 2012

scarf swap

i participated in the lovely scarf swap that karen organized and hosted.

i was paired up with the lovely elisse and she spoiled me! i got a lovely scarf, a super cozy cowl, mustard slouchy hat, and the yummiest apple pie tea. i love it all thank you so much!

November 22, 2012

black friday sale (code is live)

head to the shop to take advantage of this great deal! 
code it live starting now! 
also be sure to check out this giveaway for some sah-weeet goodies! 

November 21, 2012

Birthday Bash Giveaway!

it is almost my birthday which means presents for one you! 
one winner takes it all!
wanna know what the present are??
 of course you do!

(rumor has it that if  Something from Nothing reaches 200 likes on facebook before the end of December, Karen will be giving away another free pair of mitts)

you have until november 30 to enter then a winner will be announced!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 20, 2012

crusty artisan bread

crusty artisan bread

i think this bread is the easiest and most delicious bread ever.

 it will probably be the only kind i make from now on.

crusty artisan bread recipe

2 cups - whole wheat flour
1 cup - white flour
1 1/2 tsp - salt
1/2 tsp - yeast
1 3/4 cups - water

mix wheat, salt and yeast together.
add water until its a sticky dough.
cover and let rise for 12 - 18 hours - i left mine over night
heat oven to 450 degrees
on a floured surface form dough into a ball or oval
place a dutch oven or that type of dish in the oven for 30 mins (needs to have a lid)
let dough rest while dish is warming up
remove and place dough ball in dish put lid on and bake for 30 mins
remove lid and bake 15 mins more

place bread on a cooling rack and enjoy once it is cool.

November 19, 2012

giving back

25% off all sale from now til the end of december will be donated to
 American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief.

this also includes custom orders.

happy shopping friends!