February 28, 2011

Handmade love

Hello lovely friends and happy Monday!

This weekend I stayed fairly low key as I was on the mend after the flu, but I did go home because my little sister got baptized. Exciting! I made her a journal to use for devos or any such thing she wishes.

Other craftiness was crocheting, I made a head band from this pattern it was super duper simple. The only problem I had was this it was too big, maybe I just have a small head?! So my solution to the problem was to make a decorative knot on one side of the head band. I really like it and it stays on my head really well too.

You can't really see the knot in this picture but there are so many fun things that can be added to this simple headband. I was thinking of making one for my friend but adding a flower to it. That is my craftiness for today. Don't forget to come back to more as I share more of my owl love with you!


February 25, 2011

i got the bug

So I have been hearing about the flu that has been going around. BLAM-O guess who gets it? This girly does, and just in time for exams. Thank goodness my profs are the most amazing and understanding people ever. Both my exams have been rescheduled for Monday, I'm really hoping to be better by then. However, this flu is really a doozy. I haven't left dorm in two days, my fever is still pretty high and ginger ale has become my new best friend. While a lay on the couch watching endless amounts of Criminal Minds, I am also dreaming of Spring time. This picture says it all.
Well I have no more energy right now. Hope everyone else can avoid this flu bug, its not fun at all!

February 23, 2011

birthday love

Today has been crafty day for me, although it should be study day. But I have two very dear friends who happen to be sister and happen to have their birthdays a week apart. So of course they need little presents! For one of the lovelies I made a sweet little head band. She is probably one of the most adorable girls I know and just such a gem! So happy to have her in my life.

{little flower headband}

For the other deary I made her a necklace. She has just the cutest style and can pull anything off. I am so blessed to have such an amazing friend in my life. I love her to bits!

{all wrapped up necklace}

So that is what I have been up to today. It has been fun but I best get to studying seeing as I have an exam tomorrow.

Happy Wednesday!


February 22, 2011

I {heart} owls - 1

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Dear friends,

I am not sure how many of you know this but I LOVE owls!! So for the next couple of Tuesdays I'm going to share my extensive collection with you. Every time I go thrifting I am on the hunt to add to my collection. I love them all cute, vintage, stuffed, drawn, the list could go on! So the lovely I am sharing today is one of the newer owls to my collection. I just thought it was so darn cute! Its an owl bank and says rainy days on it.

Look at them aren't they just darling, my heart smiles! It's a little chipped but that's ok it adds character.

What kind of things do you collect? Anyone else share my love of owls? Where are your favorite places to find your fun collectibles?


February 18, 2011

my first giveaway!

well yesterday and today there was a huge snow storm! everyone in dorm was wishing for a snow day and when we woke up we checked the road conditions. the highways were closed but school was still open! ugh!

but on with this post.

today i am sharing a how to make your own note book

{find some card board that will be the cover of the note book, i used a cracker box}

{find some paper that you want for the outside of the note book and glue it on, easy peasy}
{all covered up, the inside too}
{cut paper down to size, slightly smaller than the cover, also find yarn or string to bind it together, i used hemp}

{punch holes in paper, line up and mark the spots on the cover, punch holes in the cover too}

{weave the string through the wholes, then add any embellishment you wish}
{i inked the pages inside}
{this is the final product}
i have linked this up over at along for the ride
hope you will enjoy making your own notebooks.... or you can win one here from me.
{this is the one you could win}
how to enter/ rules to follow
  • become a public follower of my blog
  • leave a comment with a way to contact you
  • post about it on your blog with a link
  • the winner will be posted march 1st


February 16, 2011

happy mail

so i have a question for ya. who doesn't love getting mail, the happy kind?? i know i absolutely love getting happy mail. i got a card from my grandma this week and it is just the most exciting thing going to the mail room at school and having a big red envelope in my mail box.

so here's the deal i will give ya my mailing address and i promise to write back to anyone who send me some happy mail! not only will i send you back happy mail but it will be one of my hand made cards. i just love making cards for people and i would love to make one for you!

{my mailing address}

happy writing!


February 14, 2011

happy love day

today is the day of love! how exciting! unfortunately clint and i don't get to spend time together today but we had our day together yesterday, and what a day it was!

well it started by clint coming to pick me up for church with a dozen roses in hand *heart melting*

{one of my roses}

we headed off to church. it was a great service and was also a sea of pink in support of a little girl in church who just had a heart transplant due to congenital heart failure. after church we were trying to figure out what to do, you have to understand that the college i go to is completely surrounded by fields the closest city is half and hour away and clint and i don't really plan our days we just go with the flow. so we decided to head into town and go for sushi because we both love sushi! when we got there we were the only people there it was nice we could just talk and enjoy being together. well five minutes later and elder couple come up, they started knocking on the door of the restaurant, they proceed to come in asking if anyone's home. the elderly couple gets seated and order but it doesn't end there, from what i could gather they were hard of hearing because they were shouting at each other but they didn't come across as angry. we got our sushi and enjoyed it greatly, trying very hard not to pay to much attention to the elderly couple, but it was very hard. we left and could not help but laugh they were very entertaining. after sushi we decided to take in the beautiful weather and go for a walk. there were puddles everywhere, and we were just in light sweaters, this is very odd for a february in manitoba! after our walk we went to one of my dear friends grandpas funeral, it was the most beautiful funeral i have ever been to. there was so much hope and joy, knowing that their father/ grandfather was with Jesus which is where he had always wanted to be. after the funeral we decided to go for supper, it was that time of day, and we went to a restaurant that we had never been but had always said we would like to go to and good thing we did. it was fabulous! sorry for poor pictures, my cell phone isn't fashioned with the latest camera

{clint had bison rib - it was massive}
{i had fish-so yummy}

after our wonderful dinner we were heading to a worship night at the church, on our journey there it just so happened that clint and i were the first one to the scene of an accident. one van had rear ended the other in the middle of the highway. there was a 15 passenger van with 12 people in it and the other van had one person. neither of them had cell phones so i called 911, as im doing that i find out that the people in the big van don't speak english. so it was a task to get them to stay seated until the paramedics got there because they couldn't understand me and 10 of the passengers were kids! once the emergency people came no one would let us know if we were able to leave (we didn't witness anything we just were the first people there) so i got out of the truck interrupted a police and asked if we were needed anymore, we got our information said we could leave. after leaving the accident we continued on our way to the worship night we got there about 40 minutes late but we had good reason.

the day ended up being quiet eventful and something we will not forget!

i'm leaving you with a picture that i like of clint and i its from last summer while we were watching the sun set one evening.
hope your valentines days are wonderful and you know you are loved by God the creator of all!

"I have loved you with an everlasting love; I have drawn you with loving-kindness."
Jeremiah 31:3

"For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever."
Psalm 117:2

February 12, 2011

treasured friendship

what a wonderful day today! it was one of those days were i got to have a date which was long over due with a good friend. there was no schedule, no plans, just hang out time doing what ever we felt like doing. it was fabulous! we stopped off for some wonderful coffee bevies, browsed around ten thousand villages (one of my favs), then headed to the mall for a bit of winter sales shopping. being a student it is very important that i shop the deals, and it is very rare that i shop in the mall altogether so it was fun. lots of people were out doing last min valentine shopping.
well kaila and i always have lots of fun together and there is always tons of laughter!

i love making little presents for friends and well as you can tell we love starbucks. so i thought of a fun little way to use the cup sleeves that often just get tossed away.
{kailas recipes}
{they were all coffee recipes}
{she loved it so much}

that is all for today! hope you're all having a good weekend.


February 11, 2011

season of hearts

it is that time of year.
red and pink everywhere
heart and fluffy things
chocolates and love notes
love is in the air!
this is the card i made for my love this year.
{one of a kind}

although we won't actually get to see each other valentines, Clint and I will be able to be together on sunday. i'm excited, i just love being with him and spending time together.

what valentines planes do you have? be it with friends or a loved one.
what are some unique dates that you have gone on?


February 9, 2011


the sun is shining, the snow is glistening this makes for a beautiful day!
on my to do list today
  1. write two papers
  2. clean/organize
  3. read for class
also i get to babysit today, which i really enjoy doing. its nice to get away from campus sometimes and spend time with someone not my age. we get to stack blocks and play with the dog, or sometimes she just naps and i do some homework. either way i just enjoy it.

i had mentioned before that i was making a surprise (that sounds kinda funny, oh well)
i finished it!


clint and i celebrated our one year dating anniversary this past weekend!
we said that instead of buying presents we would make presents, there is just something so wonderful about handmade gifts from loved ones.
i had never done hand stitching before but i really enjoyed it.

thanks for stopping by.

February 7, 2011

happy monday

well missio dei has come and gone. there were tons of great artsy things made for the art auction. my pile of cards shrunk, which is a great thing because it means that a a bit more money was raised to go toward the building of a home for a family in need.
here are some of the cards i made for the art sale.

{button tree}

{just a little note}
{owl always love you}

a lovely little purchase i made
{put it to great use right away}
and having two of the lovelies means coffee and/or tea times with me!

25 by 25 update
#11- start selling my handmade goodies: has been done, just need to keep it going

i just got back from sledding... pitch black + ice covered snow + two foot drop off = ouch!
time to warm up and get some sleep.

have a great week friends.

February 2, 2011

cards and candy

today was the kick off to Missio Dei which is an event that goes on at my college. they are having an art sale and i was asked to make cards to sell, all the proceeds are going to build a house where it is much needed. so of course i wanted to help out. here is a pile of the cards i made. when i have more time i'll post pics of the cards.

it was lots of fun making the cards. i'm excited to see them get sold, it will be the first time i've ever made something to sell and what better way to start selling some stuff then to have the money go to an amazing cause. so i guess this checks off one of my 25 by 25 goals. woo hoo!! only 24 more to go.

there is a wonderful giveaway over at Scrap it Girl!
amazing blog candy.
go check it out!

that is all for now.

welcome february

well yesterday was just a crazy day! it was wonderful to be greeted with a kiss of -43 from the winter air so early in the morning walking to class. i'm just very glad that it wasn't windy other wise it would have been unbearable. it just allows me to realize how blessed i am with a warm home, cozy clothes, and yummy soup!

after making the trek back from my classes to my cozy room, i was so blessed to have a little message in my room!
{lovely surprise}

{sweet message}

i keep asking who left it but no one seems to know or my dear friends are just not telling me. either way such a sweet little pick me up on a cold winters day. such a great way to warm my heart.

i also finished my surprise that i talked about here i will post pictures and the story that goes along with it later this week.

thanks for stopping by.