September 30, 2011

Winner Winner!

Hello friends!

I owe you a winner from the blog-aversary giveaway!!

Numba 37!!
Pam from Just Me

Shoot me an e-mail so you can get all your goodies.


September 28, 2011

fall inspiration

I was looking around online the other day while it was raining out and I was snuggled up inside.

I found a few pretty things that I want to make.

1. this adorable hair comb. so smart, simple, and cute

2. love love love these tree candle holders
3. this headband is too perfect for fall

4. i would love this sign made out of old barn boards

I love looking around and finding inspiration.



September 27, 2011

Do you know what one of my favorite fall accessories is??

Slouchy hats!!

I love them they just add the perfect touch to any fall outfit.

I have included the link to the pattern or shop that each hat is from if you want one for your very own.




What is your favorite fall accessory?? I would love to know.



September 21, 2011


Happy wednesday friends!!

Here is a bit of what I have been wearing lately.

reading in the library while sporting my toms.

a cozy little hat made by me! there is something so comforting about wearing a scarf.

ta-da i straightened my hair!! it is getting so long.

i am a proud supporter of the burkleo adoption and wearing my pink lemonade earings to show it.



September 20, 2011

some fall yumminess!

Good moring friends.

I found a few recipes that I want to make.

They are perfect for this wonderful fall season.

I am having a few friends over this even so maybe I will be serving a little bit of pumpkin yumminess.

What are some of your favorite fall treats?

Have a happy Tuesday.



September 17, 2011

right now

Hello friends!!

I hope your weekend is going wonderfully so far.

Yesterday I had a fam jam gathering. There were so many cute little cousins running about. Today I am chilling out at a friends place as some of the plumbing gets fixed at my place. I came home last night to water spraying out from behind the washing machine and a lovely puddle on the floor.

All is well though.

This evening Clint and I will be going with some friends to a folk fest. I'm excited to get all bundled up in my fall gear and maybe sip on a hot beverage.

I have also been working on some orders as well,
which is passing the time till I start work next week.

I hope everyone is enjoying these wonderful fall days!

Have you entered the blog-aversary giveaway going on??

Happy Saturday


September 15, 2011

one of my many blessings

being back in the school community is great!
i love being closer to my friends again.
some are with in walking distance some a short bike ride away and others a short little drive will get me there. {bec don't kill me for posting this, i really love you!}

it is just so great being able to have people around that i love so dearly and we are able to be there for each other.
friendship is something that i treasure so deeply.

i love you friends!

September 14, 2011

happy blog-aversary & a giveaway!

Hello Friends!!

It has been one whole year since I started blogging here. I never thought that blogging would allow me to build relationship, challenge me in so many ways, fan my creative flame, open the door to start my own little business and so much more. Blogging has been a true blessings in my life and I am so thankful for all my lovely friends that read my ramblings.

To celebrate this wonderful event I would love to offer one of you lovelies a bunch of wonderful goodies!

Let me introduce you to these wonderful ladies.

Caroline is such a sweetie! On her blog {good times never seem sew good} you can find her sharing fabulous tutorials, amazing outfit posts, and bits about being a newly wed! Caroline is giving away this adorable eco friendly rosette headband!

Lora is a mama to five adorable kiddos. Over at eager hands you can read her stories about her adventures raising five kids, see her amazing thrifty finds (she is an amazing thrifter), and read about how God is working in her life. Lora is giving away this hand stamped necklace.
shop*blogAshley is an amazing woman of God and lets her passion for Christ shine to everyone. She is super talented and loves to encourage others to Give Love. Be sure to stop by her blog every friday to see what you can do to Give Love. Ashley is giving away this adorable rose ring.
I am also giving away this cute little hat. Fits 12-18 months

giveaway info:
one person will win all these goodies.

to enter:
be a follower new or old of my blog and leave a comment
be a follower new or old of lora, caroline, and ashley leave a comment for each
tell me what excites you about this upcoming fall season?

that is up to 5 entries each!

winner will be announced on the 23rd.


September 13, 2011


ten things i'm grateful for...
  • clint
  • family
  • friends
  • the saving grace of Christ
  • a home
  • safety
  • education
  • being loved
  • living in a faith based community
  • forgiveness
nine things i miss...
  • my sisters & brothers
  • clints nieces and nephews
  • my friends that graduated from school
  • kaila even though she's not gone yet
  • downtown vancouver
  • living with trees surrounding the yard
  • clint
  • friendships that have been lost
eight things i look forward to...
  • graduating
  • getting hitched
  • having kiddos
  • enjoying my last year of school with my amazing roomie
  • finishing decorating our cozy little home
  • improving my sewing skills
  • being able to light candles every evening
  • learning the vegetarian ways
seven things i hope for...
  • my family to be saved through Christ
  • to live a life that glorifies God
  • to adopt
  • live simply but fully
  • to complete my 25 by 25 list :)
  • get out of debt
  • to do missons
six things i plan to never do again...
  • put dish soap in the dishwasher
  • work in a factory
  • ignore God's whisper (although it happens far to often)
  • be 16 again... enough said
  • hold a grudge
  • intentionally gossip
five risks i'm glad i took...
  • stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing that i have a passion to work with the disabled
  • writing a letter
  • shaving my head
  • going to college
  • saying no
four things i'm afraid of...
  • needles
  • the dark
  • clowns
  • loved ones dying
three things i dream of...
  • my future kiddies
  • where God will lead if i listen to His calling
  • what heaven will be like
two things i dread...
  • being prego - only because of the needles
  • the aftermath of eating dairy
one thing...
  • this was a lot harder that i thought it would be to fill out!

September 12, 2011

around the house

here are a few shots from around the house this week.
nummy yummy bruschetta

dice up four large tomatoes
add some crushed garlic
3 tbsp balsamic vinegar
3 tbsp olive oil
as much fresh basil and oregano as you wish
(you can use dry the flavor just isn't as strong)
serve with toasted italian or french bread

mah little basil plants being happy in the kitchen window
baking cookies at 11:30 pm such fun... especially when the smoke alarm goes off.
it is so sensitive! every time we make toast it goes off with out fail!

let me know if you have any yummy vegetarian recipes!

blessings & hugs

September 11, 2011

proverbs 10:31

a good verse to think about.

happy sunday friends.

be blessed.


September 9, 2011

looking back

school has started and summer is coming to an end.
so i thought why not share some of my favorite picture from the summer!

{fav thrifty find, tampoline fun, r&r, sunshine tea}
{i can still smell that peony, my big baby}{nothing says summer better}{some day care favs, best summer job eva!}{pretty, exploring the country side, kickin' up the ol' toms, God's handy work}{church picnic snuggles, fun at the fair}
{my love}{sista road trip, momma love, friendy time}{toesies, taste of summa, me in the eyes of a six year old, sista love}
looking back at these pictures i realized just how blessed i am.
i am so glad that i have tried to embrace each moment!


instagram - abranconier

September 8, 2011

welcome fall

hello friends!

well its hard to believe that school is in full swing yet again. however there were a few changes made. i am not a student this semester. it turns out that the class that i was told repeatedly that i needed in order to graduate is no longer being offered. i had been left in the dark about it. so i get to take a replacement class that is only offered next semester along with the other two classes that i am taking.

so job hunting begins....again.

i am however living on campus with one of my friends in a basement suite and it is sweet. hee hee. we have had a blast decorating, organizing and having friends over.
pictures to come.

i am now officially a vegetarian!

i am very excited about this. this is my first tiem living on my own so that i am able to cook for myself and not be an inconvenience to cook for. so i am being a veggie. so far so good.
alot of people ask me why i would want to be a vegetarian and i say why not? i am not planning on doing it for life. i just want to try it out for a year and cross it off my list of things to do.

be sure to check out mah friend here and read about how she is following the Lords calling in her life as she is preparing to do missions in Europe.

happy fall friends!
blessings & hugs,

i moved!

hi friends!

as you know i moved!
so far it has been tons of fun finding places for everything and decorating and setting up my crafting area :)

moving day was very wet and rainy.which made for some fun getting everything into the house without making a mess.

my car was packed to the brim and my mom had a whole truck load too.once everything was in the house and i was tired of unpacking clint and i played bananagrams and drank tea.
probably the best way to spend the first evening there.
blessings & hugs

i will post pictures of my place once everything is done!

September 7, 2011

Give Love {guest post}

Happy Day Friends!!

I have the wonderful Ashley from La Luce here today!
Hey guys! I was so excited when Amber asked me to do a guest post! My name is Ashley Marie Wilson and I am a lover of God, a wife, a photographer, creator of handmade accessories, and anything else the Lord has in His plan for me. I wanted to share with you one of the things He has placed on the heart of
my husband and I, its
A program we created to equip and inspire anyone who wants to be a blessing to someone, with a way to do it.
It’s kinda like that movie “Pay it Forward”, but totally on steroids. The core of GiveLove365 is Give, Connect & Carryout. It’s free and spirit led, while still providing resources necessary to help anyone, help others. The Give part is what everyone can get involved in. It’s simply doing something thoughtful for someone. Easy right? The Connect part is if you’re able to get to know them and see if the Spirit is leading you in any way to be a blessing to that person even more. The Carryout part is practical programs, resources, and suggestions that can truly make a difference in someone’s life. We know that not every situation goes to the Carryout level, but if it did, we wanted to inform people as much as possible, so they don’t feel discouraged by not knowing what to do, or how to help.
The bigger vision has many branches and areas of need, that I’m sure will be ever evolving. Each branch would have its own Carryout section. At this time GiveLove & Provide (loving and helping people who are currently without a home) is the blueprint of how each branch would be.
The focus now is just getting people involved in the Give part. Giving doesn’t always have to be only giving money of course. It can be giving your time, experience, energy, patience, encouragement… anything that you can pour into someone else. Every Friday on the La Luce blog, I have a GiveLoveFriday linky party. A simple idea of something nice to do is posted and everyone is welcome to do that or anything else they feel led to do, and then come back and share their experience and ideas. I pray that everyone gets involved and shares it with everyone they know. Let's start a movement of giving and making someone's day a little brighter and full of love. It why we’re here, to demonstrate the LOVE of God.

September 5, 2011

on my to-do list

i was browsing around and found some fun things i want to make

for mah new place, yes please!{source}

so stinking cute!{source}

love button art! for my walls?

so smart! this way no one is forgotten!
(am i the only one that does that?){source}

happy crafting!

September 2, 2011

doing more - stepping out in faith

earlier this summer alana, my bestie since we were knee high to a grasshopper, and i were planning what exciting things to do next summer.
last summer we road tripped it to Montreal and Quebec City. it was an amazing time we sight saw, shopped, got to do a photo shoot, and relax.
we both love to travel, so travel was what we wanted to do!
we decided that the southern states would be the place to go as we have both never been there.

but with all that has gone on this past week God has laid it on my heart to do something more.

instead of just traveling and being a tourist, why not put our able bodies to work and
help others
while being down there.
my heart aches for those who have lost so much in the past from such horrific storms and then they loose it all again.

so what am i able to do.
i want to give.
i love to give.
i am not able to give financially.
so why not give of the time and energy that God has blessed me with?

i have been feeling lead to serve with MDS - mennonite disaster service, but have just never followed that calling. so why not this time?
i need to listen to God calling me to step out in faith.

from now til next summer 100% of the sales in my shop will go towards this trip. i may not be placed in exactly the areas that hurricane irene has hit but i will be placed where there is help needed. if for whatever reason i am unable to go all the money will go directly to MDS to help aid in the many service projects they are apart of.

check out the huge sale going on right now in the shop!
everything is 50% off... wowza!


September 1, 2011


I am moving back to school this weekend!!


So EVERYTHING in the shop is on sale!
(even the sale items!)

now only - $4!

Perfect for starting Christmas shopping or snatching up what you have been eyeing up.

now only - $2!!
yummy mustard for fall... swoon!

Use the code: MOVINGSALE
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yup 50%!!

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and just for fun you will be getting some extra goodies with each purchase!
so spread the word!
sale ends sunday.

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