March 26, 2013

I'm due!

it is so hard to believe that any day i will be holding my sweet babe in my arms.
the past nine months have been the longest yet shortest nine months of my life. there is such an amazing blessing and journey that is about it begin, and i am so excited. clint and i can not be more excited, anxious, or nervous. we are so excited to find out if our sweet baby is a boy or girl, to learn about our baby, what makes him or her tick, to watch their sweet personality be revealed. we are excited to see what gifts and talents our sweet babe has been blessed with. we are excited to see what our baby will look like, will they look like daddy or momma or a mix of the both of us? the anticipation is killing us! we are so ready to be a sweet family of three. (and i am so done with counting how many new stretch marks i get each day!) 

keep an eye out on instagram (amber_enns) and twitter (amberenns) as i will be posting on there about our baby news before i get a chance to on the blog.

March 25, 2013

link love

 made this super yummy olive garden copy cat zuppa toscana  for supper last week. simple and delish!

i have been looking up ways to style my new locks, i really like this one.

my life is about to change forever and always in a very drastic way. i would love to have this print hanging on my wall because of the amazing truth it speaks.

next easter i would really love to make this resurrection garden as a visual reminder of why we celebrate.

although it is officially spring the weather here in manitoba is still cold, snowy, and the air is dry! this lemon body scrub is something i am going to try out. i can only imagine how glorious it will smell and how amazing my skin will feel afterwards. (does skin go back to normal after pregnancy?! please say yes!)

danielle does it again! this lady is so talented and so sweet. she made four free printables, hello! they are simply inspiring. 

i needed to read this.

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March 22, 2013

little joys: daffodils, sunshine & friends

what a week!
it was my first week off for 'mat leave' but thechnically i'm just on holidays since i had the time banked up. knowing that i am a social person and n.e.e.d. to get out of the house on an almost daily basis i had planned some dates with friends. well i live in manitoba and the weather is anything but predictable! of course we had a blizzard sunday night and monday which caused me to be house bound, boo! we and were also praying that sweet little peanut would stay warm and cozy inside because going to the hospital would not have been fun.

tuesday the sun decided to peek out a bit but plans got cancelled again because the roads hadn't been cleared and schools were still closed. i didn't want to risk driving around on crazy roads if i didn't have too. it was nice to have the sun kiss my toes in the afternoon as i crochet on the couch. my morning had been filled with nesting and cleaning and nesting and cleaning, i didn't mind. 

 wednesday was the first day of spring but by golly it sure didn't feel that way. we had a lovely -24 celsius. complete opposite of this same time last year when it was in the +20's. so to celebrate spring i got out of the house, thank you Jesus, i was going loopy! i went to my old college and visited with friends that i hadn't seen in what seems like for-evah! it was so great to reconnect before life gets super hectic around here. i then headed to town and went flower shopping with a friend. it was just what the doctor ordered. i needed this little bit of spring on a not so springy day!

thursday i had my weekly doctor appointment it was the fastest ever! i was in and out in less than 5 mins, that never happens! baby is happy and healthy, which makes for a happy momma. i just need to keep preparing myself that it is very likely that i will go past my due date. that is usually how these things work out. i also know that God's timing is the best timing. he knows the whole story and i need to trust Him.

 after my appointment i finally got my bestie day! it was great. she treated me to a pedi, which i squirm so much at, i have such sensitive feet, but it felt great to have my toes looking so pretty and springy afterwards. she had to skip along to class for a bit so i headed to the mall to walk and walk and walk (come on baby). i did a wee bit of shopping as well, then sat and enjoyed some starbucks. i was the youngest one there, i guess it was the time of day?! but everyone else there was 50+ easily! after alana was done class i headed back to her place and we put a dread in her hair, with a glass bead! it turned out super sweet.

it's been a good week, started out crazy ended up great! i'm pretty thankful for the technologies of phones with cameras so that i can capture these moments and reflect on the weeks and days past.

all these pics are on my instagram you can follow along if you like my name on there is amberenns.

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March 21, 2013

baby shower!

my sweet sweet friend lynnette hosted a baby shower for my sweet little peanut! 
we were truly blessed and i had a fantastic time with friends.

the hosting getting some last minute things together while we wait for the last guests to arrive.

the girls had to guess how big around i am with string then we actually measured me, all but one of my friends guessed i was bigger than i was! thanks girls hee hee. 

playing a game of... i dunno what it's called but it was fun. 

 so blessed!

baby belly and pillow belly!

March 18, 2013


 so this happened! 
(i look a little uncertain but i was not)
i have been wanting and planning on getting dreads since i was 14 or 15. two things that i wanted to do with my hair is shave it, donate it and dread it. well i shaved it off almost five years ago exactly. i figured if i shaved it off i wanted to do it for a good cause so i donated my locks. i also knew that dreading your hair is a major commitment and one that can (unfortunately) effect where you are able to get work. so i knew that the perfect time to get my hair dreaded was once i was at home with a little one. well that time has come! it also happens that i have a friend who is a talented hair dresser and knows how to dreadlock hair, so i didn't have to just not shower and be gross. i did have to sit on my butt for almost 8 hours but that is better than not showering and i took bathroom breaks. i am pregnant after all!
i really like how they turned out. i was expecting my hair to be a.l.o.t. shorter but a lot of the length stayed. now i just wax and roll for a while until they are more permanently locked. the wax smells very manly but my hubs is thankful that it doesn't smell like dirty, sweaty man. he was totally cool with letting me get my hair dreaded, i also told him before we were married that it was in my plans to do so, so he had fair warning.

March 15, 2013

moments, joys & worries

 it's been a bit quiet around these parts lately. that wasn't my plan.
we have been busy: celebrating birthdays, visiting family and friends before baby arrives, celebrating easter,  doctor appointments, i've been wrapping things up at work and trying to rest and get my swollen feet up.

my hubba hubba husband turned 25 last week. since we've been married he has insisted that our kitchen be adorned with a rooster. every kitchen must have a rooster apparently. these are the things i am learning. so for his birthday i got him his very own kitchen rooster, from here. he has yet to be named.

since this sweet babe in my womb is due to arrive easter weekend we celebrated early with clints family. the kiddos had a blast searching for there treasures. this cute little, creepy guy was in one of the eggs. wind him up and he'll go for dayyyz!

i was a hot mess from tuesday afternoon til thursday morning. i had a doctors appointment and there were a few concerns. my mind was racing imagining ever horrible possibility. after my appointment i went to starbucks, then my mom called me and i was a big ball of tears in the middle of the mall. i cried a lot in those few hours. the uncertainty which lead to worry was eating me up!


thursday morning came and i got to see this sweet face. 
huge hot tears steamed down my face as i got to see my sweet baby sucking its thumb, sticking its tongue out at us, and getting to see that little heart beat. 
everything was perfect. 
there was no reason for worry, it was a false alarm.
praise the Lord. 
and those squishy kissy lips. 
come. on. 
my heart is a puddle! 

i was giddy all day after getting to see my healthy babe. i put my feet up and crochet a bit. it's been a long while since i've pulled out my hook and yarn. hopefully i'll get this little cocoon done before baby comes.   

later in the eve some friends and i went out for a date. 
such fun.
such a blessing!

this was my real life this week.
the everyday moments, joys, and worries.

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March 14, 2013

recipe: cashew chicken

6 chicken breast - chopped
1/2 tsp black pepper
1 Tbsp canola oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
2 Tbsp rice wine vinegar
2 Tbsp ketchup
1 Tbsp brown sugar
1 garlic clove, minced
1/2 tsp grated fresh ginger
1/4 tsp red pepper flakes
1/2 cup cashews - See more at:
1 tbsp olive oil
1/4 cup soya sauce
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
1/4 cup fish sauce
2 tbsp ketchup
2-3 cloves crushed garlic
1 tsp fresh ginger
2 cups water
red pepper flakes - as desired, they do add heat
4 cups cooked rice

place first ten ingredients in slow cooker
turn on low to cook for 3-4 hours
if you want it a bit more saucy add:
 1/8 cup more soya sauce, 1/8 cup more red vinegar, 1/8 cup more fish sauce, 1 cup more water
serve on top of rice and top with cashews

steamed veggies (broccoli is my fav) on the side is really good with this.


March 5, 2013

36 weeks & wishing for spring

let's have a date, a coffee date.

but did you know that i would probably get an iced beverage because i have this really cute built on furnace that is keeping me extra toasty.   

did you know that i am ready for spring? i am ready for the snow to be gone, for flowers to start blooming, for the sun to shine, the breeze to be warm. i am ready for puddling jumping, evening walks were i can still feel my legs once i get home. 

did you know that my sweet babe is 37 weeks which means full term! i don't think i have been so anxious in my life! i just want to meet this sweet peanut that has taken over my midsection! here are some thoughts about what week 36. 

did you know that you can see what people are guessing sweet peanut will be, when the babes birthday will be and how big it will be? you can also make your guesses here there will be a fun prize in it for the winner that guesses the closest! 

did you know that i'm getting dreadlocks soon?! my sweet hubs says i'll look like medusa when i'm in labor. he is probably right. i have never been attached to my hair, it's just hair, it will grow back. i have posted about it before >> here.

what about you?! 
are you sipping hot coffee/tea or slurping us ice cold lemonade?
is it spring like where you are? i am so jealous if it is!
if you've had a baby were you early, late or on time? did the anticipation kill you like it's killing me?
have you popped over to make your guesses about my sweet little peanut?
are you attached to your hair? would you ever get a drastic do?

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March 4, 2013

photo-a-day {feb recap}

 {1. ice cream heart burn treatment 2. crochet to wind down 3. nieces and auntie chomping on ice 4. our sweet family of three 5. 33 weeks 6. baby kicking for daddy 7. making my calendar pretty 
8. glucose test...yuck 9. my crafty space}

 {10. heading to the city for girls day 11.bebe 12. sewing a blanket 13. 34 weeks 14. flowers from my love 15. crocheting a bow 16. bib sewing day 17. beautiful day to be outside 18. sweet niece}

{19. oh hello snow 20. babe and i relaxing 21. bestie date 22. camping in the living room 23. candy from mexico 24. cousin time 25. trouble 26. oops missed this day 27. hello my love 28. sunny morning}

only missed on day this month! 
good-bye february, hello march

March 2, 2013

let's play a game!

hey friends and family! 
the arrival of sweet peanut enns is coming up {due march 28}
i have made a fun little guessing game.
make your guess of gender, weight, date of arrival and time of arrival
click here to enter>> Baby Enns Survey 
winner will be picked according to having the most correct /closest answers. 
guesses in order according to date and time {i'll try and keep them updated}

yanara peters - march 18 - boy - 8lbs 3 oz - 2 pm
auntie andrina - march 20 - boy - 7lbs 4.5 oz - 4:35 am
shelby p - march 20 - boy - 7lbs 8 oz - 8 pm
derek l - march 20 - boy - 6lbs 8oz - 8:23 pm
jackie enns - march 20 - boy - 10lbs 3oz - 11:19 pm
janna - march 21 - girl - 7lbs 8 oz - 6 am
auntie erin - march 21 - boy - 8lbs 5oz - 7 am
kittie d - march 22 - boy - 8lbs 3oz - 3 am
kelly f - march 22 - boy - 6lbs 8oz - 4:15 pm
veronica hill - march 23 - girl - 9lbs 1oz - 7:51 pm
stephanie george - march 24 - boy - 7lbs 12oz - 9:26 pm
sandi k - march 25 - boy - 8lbs 13oz - 10:25 am
uncle gerald - march 25 - boy - 8lbs 2oz - 6:30 pm
uncle tom f - march 25 - boy - 7lbs 6oz - 7:23
alana wilson - march 26 - boy - 7lbs 8oz - 11:15am
sarah sherk - march 26 - boy - 7lbs 12 oz - 12:40 am
carla toews - march 26 - boy - 8lbs 1oz - 1:20 am
khristena sand - march 26 - boy - 9lbs 6oz - 4:12 am
lynnette - march 26 - boy - 7lbs 2oz - 12:30pm
gayle loewen - march 27 - girl - 8lbs 3oz -7:33 am
kendra froese - march 27 - girl - 8lbs 5oz - 9 am
auntie sandy - march 27 - girl - 7lbs 13oz - 10:30 am
aiden f - march 27 - girl - 6lbs 11oz - 2 pm
andrea sawatzky - march 28 - boy - 7lbs 15oz - 1:56 am
great grandma b - march 28 - boy - 8lbs 12oz - 3:15 am
rebekah branconier - march 29 - boy - 8lbs 11oz - 11:58 pm
dylan f - march 30 - boy - 7lbs 14oz - 10 pm
uncle tom b - march 30 - girl - 7lbs
liberty - march 31 - girl - 8lbs 13oz - 3:23am
laureen green - march 31 - girl - 8lbs 13oz - 6:24 pm
auntie stacey + quinn - april 1 - boy - 8lbs 5oz - 12:30 am
heidi den haan - april 1 - girl - 8lbs 14oz - 8:24 am
robyn mcadams - april 1 - girl - 8lbs 3oz - 5:17 pm
hannah r - april 2 - boy - 8lbs 9oz - 3:15 am
stephanie leonhart - april 3 - boy - 8lbs 7oz - 2:45 pm
kathy a - april 4 - boy - 8lbs 5 oz - 2:30 am

make your guess here!

March 1, 2013

hello march

hello march! 

i have been anticipating your arrival for a long time now, 8 months to be exact. 

now that you are here it's hard to believe.

this month is not only baby month but the month my sweet hubby turns a quarter of a century, my grandma turns 70, sweet peanuts due date also happens to be my uncles birthday, spring arrives, we remember that Christ died so that we may live, snow melts, days are longer and the sun shines more. 

march i want to enjoy each of your days as they are the last days that clint and i will be just the two of us, i want to embrace the amazing change that will be happening in our lives and i want to enjoy these last days of feeling baby kicks and hiccups. 

happy baby month and happy sunny day!