January 29, 2011

love in the mail...soon

ahhh the weekend what a wonderful time. the majority of the morning was spent clean. i love to clean. i enjoy it so much, turned up some melanie safka and went about like a busy bee. i kept looking for more to clean or organize. such fun! i love the feeling after cleaning as well, everything looks just fabulous and in it place. after cleaning i knew i had to dive into some class readings, for some reason the reading wasn't to bad. the clean room and bengal spice tea may have helped. also knowing i have freshly made cards to write in and send off to loved ones may have motivated me to finish my reading.

here are some of the cards that will be in the mail sometime this week.

January 27, 2011


this morning when i was supposed to go to my first day of field work for one of my classes, however the schools were closed due to bad visibility because of fog. so i stayed in my room working on a few things. when i went out side, i was blown away at the beauty that i was surrounded by. everything was white. i had to stand still to take it in. each tree was covered in a rich blanket of snow that shimmered.
its moments like this that we must stand in awe of God our creator.

thanks for stopping by.
be blessed

January 25, 2011

snow day fun

so snowed in at my boyfriends with the munchkins! the youngest munchkin was napping and the oldest munchkin was at school for the afternoon so me and this little munchkin had fun with photo booth.

25 by 25

so i've been snowed in at my boyfriend's, which i haven't minded at all. his niece and nephews have been here and its been fun hanging out with them. i was browsing the web a bit and came across the idea of making a goals list. sooo i made a 25 by 25 goals list. 25 goals by my 25th birthday which is november 30, 2014.

so heres the list

  1. graduate with a BA
  2. go winter camping in manitoba
  3. pay off student loans
  4. become a vegetarian
  5. boycott chain department stores
  6. complete a 'granny squares' afghan
  7. make all homemade gifts for one year of birthdays /Christmas
  8. run a 5k
  9. hand write letters instead of using social networking
  10. work out regularly
  11. start selling my hand made goodies
  12. make more hand made
  13. own snow shoes and use them
  14. learn French
  15. learn guitar
  16. ride a train
  17. visit australia
  18. learn to make pottery
  19. grow my own herb garden
  20. cook my way through a cook book
  21. read 3 books a year
  22. do a 365 photo project
  23. go on an MDS trip
  24. keep up with scrapbooking my life
  25. get married

i'll keep you posted as i get these goals completed

bold - means they are completed

thanks for looking
what are some goals you are making for yourself?

January 20, 2011

this and that

yesterday was my brothers birthday and so i brought one of my friends along to our family dinner. it was a good visit, i didn't get to see much of my family over the break as i did a lot of house jumping, i saw people for short spurts during the holidays. the evening was great, we had grandma's cooking so ya can't go wrong there. my brother had a volleyball game so everyone else went out to go watch while my friend and i headed back to dorm. i started working on my surprise, its a lot more work than i thought it would be but it will SO be worth it!
i also found some goodies on the weekend at the local thrift store
{amazing candle holder}
{old cough drops tin}
on the side of the tin it says 10 cents my oh my how times have changed.

that is it for today.
thanks for stopping by

January 19, 2011

on the go

i am starting to feel overwhelmed as this semester is in full force now. my classes have a lot of reading and assignments, i suppose that is all part of being a third year student. i have been sick for nearly four and a half weeks now, i think i have had every cold and flu that is going around.

anyways, at the beginning of february the student council is putting on Missio Dei, which is to raise money and awareness for mission organization. one of the events for Missio Dei is an art action. last year was the first year they did one and it went over very well but there was only a few participants. this year they are wanting the event to be bigger with a wider arrange of crafts and arts. sooo they have asked me to make cards to sell. this is a really great way for me to use up my stash of scraps and such. it's been lots of fun!
{my lovely desk in a mess}

i also have been working on granny squares to make a blanket possibly. i'm not to sure yet and my yarn stash is running low so we will be how things go with that. making granny squares is just so simple, i find it very relaxing its a great way to wind down after a day of classes, assignments and reading.
{my growing pile}

lastly i have a little surprise i'm making. i'm excited to see how it will turn out. i will show the final product!
{my materials for the surprise}
there is also a great giveaway over at scrap it girl check it out!

Thanks for stopping by.

January 11, 2011


well the semester is underway, i have my syllabi for all my classes sprawled across my desk so i can figure out the next four months of my life on paper. i have printed off the first of many MANY readings for one of my classes, thus im blogging because i really don't want to read right now, but they are printed that is a huge accomplishment in itself. while i was procrastinating i was checking up on blogs and BAM my name appears under the winners list at pamela's blog * sit silently frozen and in disbelief, then proceed to screaming* why would i be so excited about this well, it is my very first time winning blog candy, WOO HOO!, and this is a HUGE blessing! i found out yesterday that i am super seriously broke and that penny pinching would be at an all time high for this gal. scrapbooking and card making are two ways that i love to encourage people and so mostly everything i make gets given away, so to win this amazing prize is just a huge blessing. another wonderful blessing that i had today was while going around figuring out stuff for school i ran into my dear friends, i know that they had taken a class that i needed textbooks for and she is letting me borrow one and gave me a seriously amazing deal on the other one. ah i am so blessed.
i am so baffled at the way that God is in control of every tiny detail of my life. He shows Him self in the most unexpected situations. although things can be so stressful figuring out how to meet certain financial needs and trying to plan for the not so distant future (april: need to find a place to live and a job) i know that i can trust in the Lord for He is with me. 1 Peter 5:7 is a great reminder, 'cast all your anxieties on him, because he cares for you' it's plain and simple but most importantly so true. unfortunately it is also something that i forget far to often. God's sense of humor is just so great because who would have guessed that winning blog candy and saving $70 on a textbooks would have reminded me of just how faithful the Lord is.

so i hope that your weeks are filled with big and little blessings that allow you to be able to see how Christ is at work in your life and is ever present.

January 10, 2011

..and we're back

well the holidays whizzed passed and i'm back at school. already finished a one week intercession class, anthropology of music, it was really great. the rest of the students moved in yesterday and that was great. it's nice having some life on campus and being able to see friends again after what seems an eternity.
i didn't get to do to much crafting over the break, which i was hoping to do, but all is well. my dear littlest sister wanted to learn how to knit and after trying to teach her she proclaimed that it was to difficult and asked that i make her a scarf. so here she is modeling her new scarf.

i also got around to making a few more granny squares for my blanket i'm working on, it is a very slow process! but i had a sweet little visitor keep me company as i crocheting.
{sweet little Callie}

well that is it for today.
blessing as this new year gets under way.