January 31, 2012

favorite engagement pictures

starting tomorrow i have an amazing line up of women sharing about wedding prep and marriage. i am super duper excited about it i am calling the series
{marriage on my mind}
i mean i do have it on my mind... a.l.o.t.

so to kick it off i am posting some of my very favorite engagement pictures! taking pictures was so much fun.
it was c.o.l.d. good thing we are fond of each other so we were able to snuggle and keep warm
we stayed on campus to take pictures and i'm so glad we did because it is where we met, where we got engaged, and where we are getting married.the campus is so beautiful.
trees everywhere, a small river running through it, and old brick buildings i really love this guy and i am super excited that i will get to call him husband soon!
be sure to come back tomorrow and every wednesday for the next few months
to read about wedding prep and marriage.

January 30, 2012

recipe: coffee syrups

so on friday i posted simple blessings in my life
one of which was being able to make my own coffee syrup

i had several people asking for the recipe
so here it is!
it is super duper simple and will allow you have more money in your pocket
instead of spending your hard earned cash on lattes
i also found this fun picture showing how to make some of my favorite coffee beverages.
hope you find it helpful as well.{source}

have a happy and lovely monday friends!

January 27, 2012

blessings this week

this week has been a complete whirlwind!
but it was still a good week.
i am blessed because i am able to...

...go thrifting
that frame is now a chalkboard message board :)

...make my own coffee syrup
no more paying $5 for a latte!

...start yet another blanket.
i w.i.l.l. complete this one!

... have wet toes
which mean that it is warm outside, snow is melting,
and i am enjoying the warmth while it lasts.

... be reminded of many good times
with this mug that my bestie made me for christmas
so many memorable quotes
i laugh every time i use it.

happy almost weekend!

January 26, 2012


this past weekend was crazy and fun!


my momma and i went to the wonderful wedding show.
it was interesting to say the least.
it wasn't really my style but it was fun none the less.

my brother is opening up a restaurant and i am super excited about it!
clint, mom and myself went to look at the renos that he has been doing all.by.himself.
and it is looking great!!
if you live in the winnipeg area or are coming to visit after april check it out!
Arkadash Bistro and Lounge

then we all went out for supper at a french bistro
(thanks momma)


went on a lovely date with Clint.
we went to an antique mall...
if i didn't have budget i would have bought so many pretty things!!

we then went out for supper with friends
(payment for doing our engagement pics for FREE)
it was a fun asian bistro
with yumm-o food!!
they are fantastic!
lynnette is on of my bridesmaids and marc is our m.c.

we got fortune cookies at the end and this was Clint's.... maybe we will win a honeymoon from the wedding show i was at??

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January 23, 2012

quick and easy lentils

as a vegetarian i need to get protein from other places.
lentils have quickly become a staple in my diet and i love them.
you can pretty much flavor them up how ever you like.here is one of my quick go to recipes

2 1/2 c water
1 c lentils
1 chopped carrot
1 chopped celery stalk
garlic, pepper, curry (to taste)

put everything in a pot bring to a boil let it simmer for 10 mins stirring occasionally.
if you want it less soupy use 2 c water

see super duper easy, quick and inexpensive!


January 21, 2012

link love: a random collection

i have a random collection of posts that i found this week that i love!

always wanting to try new bread recipes. this looks so yummy!{here}

easy step by step instructions on beautifying your blog{here}

super cute homemade valentines{here}

love this key holder{here}


January 20, 2012

my life this week according to my phone

1 - studying with a friend.. she was studying greek...
2 -...i was studying theories of personalities
3 - studying at coffee shops always makes studying better
4 - started a knitting project
5 - finished my knitting project
6 - getting distracted by my phone in the library
7 - roomie date!
8 - made myself a cute little headband

have a fantastic weekend!
i'm heading to the wonderful wedding show tomorrow, should be fun.

linking here and here

January 17, 2012

tutorial: felt bow

hello hello
i have a stash of felt that i have been wanting to make pretty things out of.
so i have made a simple tutorial on making a cute felt bow.
perfect for adding on a headband or clip.

{my strip doesn't look even but you get the idea}

there you have it a super simple cute bow. you could add any embellishments you wish or use a different coloured strip in the middle, or lace. Let your creativity take over!


January 16, 2012

blessing in disguise?

we haven't had water since friday.
my apartment looks like this...

all the contents of the laundry/storage room are strewn across the house.
for those of you who know me personally probably know that
having things out of place causes me to have very high anxiety! {ocd much?}
i know that those things need to be out of the room since the plumbers are working in there
and there is likely chance that everything could get dirty and wet,
but i just can't handle it!

on the plus side
i am staying with a friends for the time being
i don't have to look at my disaster of a house
i have become much more grateful that i am an fortunate enough to have running water, flushing toilets, and a shower!
so maybe this is just a blessing in disguise?

if you think of it please pray that everything gets figured out.
my landlords have two young children and
i think they would really like to just be back at home.


January 13, 2012

my story

hello dear friends!
hope you are settling into the new year now that we are nearly two weeks in.just wanted to let you know that i am over at the pless press today sharing my story.
be sure to read up on all the other amazing women who have shared their stories as well.

January 12, 2012

my life this week according to my phone

as i write this post it is almost friday.
earlier today i was thinking about how slow this week has gone by but
i just realized that its almost friday, when did this happen?

this week was the start of my final semester!
i don't know if i should be super excited {which i tell everyone i am} or terrified.
where have the last four years gone?
am i supposed to be all grown up now that i have a degree?
what i do know is that i love starting a new notebook there is just something about it.
am i alone on this?i love this guy!
i'm not really sure if i am able to say that enough.
although you are probably getting sick of it by now.
but i have been told to treasure this time of being engaged.
the 'in between' stage and that is exactly what i am doing!my favorite
enough saidthe smell of a freshly opened bag of coffee beans.
that is what my heaven will smell like, and maybe my grandmas bakingcute bows for hair? yes please!
making it that morning because it just went so well with the outfit...
that may have happened
i love my new blog header!
so thankful for amazing friends who take amazing pictures!!
the words 'forever and always' that is what marriage is to be. a
and it is such a great reminder.
have a fantastic weekend friends!
instagram- abranconier

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