July 2, 2015

38 weeks

well little bee you have a few people on the outside that would like to meet you, soon! - big brother asks when you are going to pop out of my belly button and asks if its your happy birthday, everyday - everyday i wonder if today will be the day - i think you are going to be one long baby, tall just like daddy -  we are getting so excited to kiss your cheeks and welcome you here - this week you seem to like orange juice and fruit - everyday momma bounces on her ball so that you will come a wee bit sonner, micah likes bouncing on there too, its a bit tricky since you are taking up most of the space on my lap - i think i might actually get more sleep once you get here, i forgot just how little sleep i can survive on for days on end - we got some clothes. blankets, and diapers out and ready for you this week, so you really can come any time now - great grandma and popeye are leaving soon for a short trip but would like it if you came before they left so they don't miss your big d├ębut - hope to see you soon sweet bee we love you and pray for you every day