August 31, 2011

Remember When {a guest post}

Hi friends!
Today Renee from Cover to Cover...and Everything in Between is here to share with you.


Remember When…

…life was just about rolling in the grass and not caring if you got dirty?

… the most important thing was that you didn’t miss Tom & Jerry or The Bugs Bunny Show on Saturday mornings?

…you laughed and giggled just *knowing* you’d be tickled by mommy or daddy?

…you were just innocent enough to know it was just make-believe, but just happy you could pretend that mud-pie was real?

Ah, to be a child again…

As an adult I often forget to stop and say hi to my young self from long ago.

I forget…

…to remember what it was like not to have a care in the world.

…that mac ‘n’ cheese was a perfectly fine meal and to stop trying to make a gourmet dinner all the time.

…that making a craft or baking a cake doesn’t have to come out “perfect” as long as you are having fun with the whole process.

That’s when I remember, I can go back to that pretty much anytime I want (!)

I have to beautiful gifts from above that I am dearly blessed with - my 7 year old and 5 year old. Both of them remind me every day to stay young and that I’m not *that* old yet.

“Come play, Mommy!”

“Let’s make cake!”

“Let’s read!”

Yeah, “let’s”!

…because although you can never go back to that age again…

You Can Pretend : )


Thanks so much for sharing today Renee.



August 29, 2011

smiling heart

this weekend i went home for a friends wedding.
a group of us girls got together on friday to hang out.

it was so refreshing

we have all been living out lives apart since graduating and rarely get to see each other.
i never realized just how much i have missed them until friday.
we laugh, talked, laughed, ate, laughed, danced, laughed, and enjoyed being together again.

friends are such a blessing.

i must not take the relationships i have in my life for granted.


August 28, 2011

mercies i see

Happy Sunday!I am at a friends wedding today, pictures to come!


August 26, 2011

Saturday Showcase {6}

Happy Saturday to you all!

Showcase your shop or blog or tutorial or anything! (family friendly)

Spread the word, the more the merrier!

fall accessories

here are a few fun fall headbands
they have not made it into the shop yet
if ya like what ya see let me know and it can be all yours!each one is a unique, one of a kind headband. they fit babies and adult.
the best part
only 8 bucks!

instagram - abranconier

happy weekend!

August 25, 2011

memory making

hi friends!

this week has been a fun and exciting week, there is so much that will be changing in the next week and realization that summer 'break' is over is finally hitting.

so i have been enjoying my last shifts at daycare. it has been a blast and my co-workers have been fantastic. i have seriously never worked at a more welcoming environment!
at day care there have been forts built
and caterpillars that turned into butterflies that we released.
such an amazing miracle to witness!
i have enjoyed some crafting time

two little girlies celebrated their birthdays the party theme... cupcakes!
there was also a date night thrown in to the mix.
sushi... yum!i love spending time with my man!
he is the bestest!
(ring - sandy a la mode)

have a fantastic weekend!


linking up at life rearranged

if you wish to follow along on IG my name is abranconier

zesty summer salad

this is such a great summer salad
its bright
its yummy
its funwhat you need:
can of corn
red pepper
yellow pepper
green pepper
purple onion
can of chic peas
cooked cooled pasta
2 limes
fresh cilantro

what you do:
slice and dice the peppers and onion
pour in the corn and peas into the bowl (not the liquid)
add pasta
squeeze in juice of both limes
chop cilantro and add in

this is a salad i will be making all year round when i start my new journey of vegetarianism!!
if you have any recipes please share!


August 24, 2011

Time To Decide {a guest post}

Hello friends!
Today we have Bonita Rose sharing with you.
Here is a bit about her.


Hi everyone! My name is Bonita Rose and I'm a creative soul living on the prairies in Fargo ND. I love to inspire. I am a collector and lover of all thing vintage. I love thrifting! I make art. I play with color. I sew and play with paint, paper, and rubber stamps. Art has always saved me. Always. Real books and reading are two of my passions. One day, I want to write my story and share my life with the world. Writing to me comes as easy to me as breathing. I am a noncustodial mom to my two fabulous teenage daughters.My dream is to one day, move down south with my husband Greg to Tybee Island, Georgia and live near the ocean. To expand my current Etsy shop to a real handmade and vintage store on the Island. To have my creative studio in my home near the ocean or in my shop, to inspire others. Always, to inspire others.

Time To Decide.


Decide what to be
and go be it.
Watercolor print, available here.
Decisions are always hard, aren't they? I know for me, decisions for me always take a lot of thought, a lot of pondering, a lot of solitude. I roll things over in my head probably for far too long before I actually act. Do any of you feel that way? It's natural.
We pause.
We doubt.
We fear.

Lately, I've been stirring in my soul.

There are things I want to do with my life.
I'll be turning 50 this January.
HUGE milestone for me.

Decide what to be
and go be it.

It takes a decision.
A decision to make our lives
what we dream of.
What we dream them to be.

It's so easy to compare and think we'll never make it. We'll never get there. It's always other people that get the breaks, that make the money, that earn the fame and fortune. Or so it seems. When you really think about it, all the people you admire, all the people I admire -- they all started with a dream, then a decision.

A decision.

To give it their all.
To work hard.
To not give up.
To work harder.
To believe in themselves more than anyone else.

It starts with a decision.

I have big dreams, how about you?
BIG dreams.

And if I don't really believe in them, then who will?
Who will?

It's up to me to decide what I want to be.
Then just go be it.

Time for me to make my dreams come true.
How about you?
How about you?

Let's do it together.


Want to find Bonita? Here are the many places you can!

Thanks so much for sharing Bonita!


mustard, eggs & infinity

I have a quite the miss mash of things I wore for this week.

it was hot out = water fight!
rosette headband - owls & lilies

running erands
crochet flower headband - owls & lilies
shoes - TOMS

whipped up an infinity scarf for a friend... shhh its a gift!
infinity scarf - made by me
sweater - winners

breakfast date & while i was crafting
on my love handles - bacon & eggs
good by blackheads - pore strip

That's my week!


linking up at the pleated poppy

August 22, 2011

fabric tape tutorial

It's been a while since I've done a tutorial here!
Sorry about that, summer is a busy time as I'm sure ya all know :)

Today it's a pretty easy one but can be used for so many things!

Fabric tape!

There are so many pretty tapes out there but they can get pretty expensive after a while.

what you need:
double sided tape (three rolls in a pack at the dollar store)
scraps of fabric

- cut the fabric so it is approximately the same width as the tape
- peel off one side of the tape and lay it on the fabric, make sure not to get wrinkles in it
- make it as long as you wish and cut it off
-peel the other side off and stick it where ya want.
you can use it on
- mail
- as card embellishments
- wrapping
- and what ever else you thing of!

its simple, cheap, and uses up those scraps that we all hang on to.


August 21, 2011

1 john 5:12

Happy Sunday!!hope your weekend has been going splendidly!
Clint and I will be heading to his nieces birthday party today!


August 20, 2011

blog award!

Thanks so much to Renee from
Cover to Cover and Everything in Between
for awarding me with this fabulous award!

The Rules of the Versatile Blogger award:
1. Thank the person who gave the award and link back to them in your post.
2. Share 7 things about yourself.
3. Pass this award along to 15 recently discovered blogs.

So seven things about me?!

- i prefer crocheting over knitting
- water is my most favorite thing to drink
- once i paint my nails i pick at it until its all off.. gross and annoying i know
- my closet consists of a lot of greys, browns, creams & mustard!
- i scared of needles... like unbelievably
- music is my friend
- when i'm talking to someone with an accent i talk in that accent too, unintentionally

Have a FANTASTIC saturday!
I'm off to go hiking later today!


Saturday Showcase {5}

It's Saturday which means... Saturday Showcase!
If you have anything that you wish to showcase: shop, blog, tutorial, recipe.
This is the place to showcase it!
Just link up below!

Have a happy weekend!

August 19, 2011

my life this week

Hello friends!

I have a few pictures for ya today.

new chalk at day care

stayed home sick with a cold
while at home i made this
Have a fantastic weekend friends!


August 17, 2011

did you know...

...that i am known for the goofy faces that i make
...that i am going vegitarian starting september 1
... that i only have three classes left till i graduate!!
...that i am lactose intolerant or something of the sort
...that i want five kids
... that i am an extrovert
... that i am canadian, eh!
...there fore i have a pet beaver and live in an igloo
...i have two middle names, sheila and rose after my great grandma's
...i love my crazy friends... that i grew up on a farm in the prairies and hated it as a kid but now i would never trade it for anything
...that i have a passion for africa
...that i have shaved my head
... that i want dreads
...that i wish i knew how to play guitar...that i want to be a teacher for children with special needs
...that i believe in miracles
...that i love micro photography

August 15, 2011

bright eyes, freckles, & love

Hello friends!

Here is a glimpse into my weekend!
It was busy and fantastic!

huge, cute eyes at the petting zoo
d and me :)
taking in the rides
my sister was so stinking hilarious while we were on the sky master!
she was screaming and freaking out! so glad that i went with here even with an upset stomach.
momma and her chiclets. taking in the free concert by 'these kids wear crowns'
some friendlies came out for the day! yee! love them lots!sunday! church service in the park!
i. love. this.
breaking down walls and coming together to worship Christ together.
isn't that what the church is supposed to be?after three days of sun and heat i gained a few new freckles
end off the weekend with a bang, and some sparkling lights.

August 12, 2011

Saturday Showcase {4}

Happy Saturday to each and everyone of you!

Saturday Showcase is today (because it's saturday) hee hee

So link up your shop or blog!
Showcase anything you like!

If you would like to spread the word that would be great!
The more the merrier!

August 11, 2011

date night & a recipe!

So Clint and I had a date night the other night.
It's been a while since it has just been the two of us.
We went out for supper.
mmm cactus cut appetizer* & iced tea!

i like taking pictures... i'm not the only one am i?
some times it drives Clint crazy but he smiles anyways.i love him a lot.

while we waited for our pizza we had a thumb war.and i won!

we headed to the movies afterwards and watched planet of the apes.
which surprisingly wasn't to bad.

* recipe for cactus cuts
3-4 potatoes
jar of jalapenos (keep the juice)
caeser salad dressing
sour cream
red pepper flakes
green onions

- thinly slice up potatoes
- pour jalapeno juice on potatoes
mix together:
- 3 parts caeser salad dressings to 1 part sour cream
- shake in some red pepper flakes
- slice up a green onion

August 10, 2011

some stuff i wear

Mud River!
What a day at day care! Such fun! I'm not scared of getting a little muddy.
It's fun!
feet- mud
jeans - gap
owl t-shirt - made by my boyfriend

after being covered in mud all day i felt like dressings up for grocery shopping.deets:
dress - old navy
earrings - forever 21
tank top - american eagle
shoes - ardeans

i read this post and wanted to do my own version. this is what i came up with.
tank - american eagle
bow - owls & lilies
i really like my hair in this picture :)

i had a hankerin' for some new polish,
this is what i came home with

that is what i have worn in the last little while.

have a happy wednesday


August 9, 2011

reason 157 why i love day care!

hi friends

today i'm coming at ya with a day care story.
it's cute, so be prepared!

i was wearing this lovely headband the other day at day care.the day was like any other kids laughing, crying, whining, running, playing, and dirtying their diapers. when that happens its changing time, i was the fortunate one of the day so of i went with a nearly potty trained three year old. i popped her up on the change table, when

she says 'open it'
i reply 'open what?'
she says ' open the candy'
i ask ' what candy?'
pointing to my headband ' these candies'
laughing i say 'those aren't candies, they are flowers'
she assures me 'no, they are not! they are candies'

then off she went to wash her hands and play again.

i smiled and now every time i wear my headband i will think of her.

i hope that your week is turning out to be fantabulous!