December 22, 2010

this time of year

oh my golly it is nearly Christmas and for me this is a very busy time of year. i have seven gatherings, i rarely make it to all of them every year. it is very stressful trying to be everywhere in a span of two days. however this year i am much more calm about things, trying very hard to not get stressed out about being everywhere and pleasing everyone. people pleasing is such a dangerous thing at times, i can spread my self pretty thin in order to please those around me. this year i did not want to do that. i have been having a great holiday thus far doing things at my own pace planing where i am going and when and if people don't like that well then that is to bad.

so far on my holidays i have gone to ontario and went to my dear friends wedding. it was wonderful and amazing to share the day with them. the wedding was so them, everything that happened and everything they did. it was great! from there we braved the road and had fun trip back to manitoba. on they way my boyfriend lost his license, we cheered when we got back to the prairies (once a prairie girl always a prairie girl), enjoyed the odd gas up because we were able to stretch, beth and i sent mark subliminal messages while he slept :), and got home in time a Christmas gathering. once we got home most of the fam had the flu so it was a very restful day. later we opened gifts, it was so much fun having kids around at Christmas they just get so excited about every little thing. after staying at my boy friends for a few days i made the journey back to my mom's place. from now till school starts i'll be house hoping, two days per house, should be fun! hope my car stays happy!

i leave you with this verse as a reminder of the truth about the Christmas season.

"Today in the town of David
a Savior has been born to you;
he is the Messiah, the Lord. "
- Luke 2:11
Blessing to you and your family during this Christmas season.

December 11, 2010

i have this wonderful yarn and have been wondering what to make with it and so i thought and looked at it loving the bring red with flecks of blue and yellow, there is just something about it that i love!
{my beautiful red yarn}

as i've been learning more about knitting i am realizing that i am able to make so many things for my self (or as gifts). so as winter came into full swing i realized that i really love leg warmers and i figured i'd give them a try so i used my beautiful yarn that i love so much and made some!

{my leg warmers - sorry for the horrible picture}

they are perfect for keeping me warm and they add such a burst of colour while i walk through the snow.
*as a side note - i find it merely impossible to find crochet hooks at thrift stores, there are always buckets of knitting needles but never crochet hooks... where are they hiding??

well i guess i should get back to my studying as exams are fast approaching.

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have a wonderful weekend.

December 8, 2010


ah such a wonderful week! i have spent good quality time with friends and there is more wonderful hang out time coming up soon (tomorrow)! i know i have said this time and time before but i have wonderful friends! this week some wonderful ladies and i went to the local thrift store and found some sweet goodies!! i got some more knitting needles, which i am so very pleased with as well as this treasure...
{super cute tin}
i love this colour of yellow, it has a way of showing up in a lot of my possessions. i also was gifted this...
{beauty... soon to be pillow cover}
and as if this day couldn't get any better one of my dear dear friends brought me starbucks while i was babysitting! i am so blessed!
as i had mentioned in early posts it was my birthday and brace yours i got a sewing machine!! i won't be bringing it to school because i would never get anything done! i will post pictures, its a wonderful vintage viking machine, i absolutely love it! (thanks momma!)

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December 2, 2010

warm fuzzies

well for the last while i have found a new love aside from scrapbooking and card making... knitting and crocheting. i often bring my yarn, hooks and needles to class, this may or may not affect my grades. after i had completed my first knitting project, the french press cozy, i decided to complete a crocheting project. i found a bag of scrap yarn, at the thrift store, in colours i just adore. i wasn't so sure what i was going to do with them but i knew i would figure something out.

so after a couple classes, some evening with friends and completely ignoring my home work i completed my very first scarf. isn't it lovely?! i enjoy it.

There is also a sweet Christmas give away at The Creative Place . Hop on over for details.

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be blessed today

December 1, 2010

wonderful day

well yesterday was my birthday and i can say that i am truly truly blessed!

{this is what i woke up to - i love my girls }
it is a chair barricading my door along with signs and lovely cards on the chair. anyways, i have amazing friends and family! it was such a wonderful day. it started out like any typical manitoba winter day, 60km winds, visibility pretty much nil, eye lashes stick together the moment you walk out the door, ya know just a typical winter day on the prairies. however the day turned out to be just so wonderful! so many wonderful friends with warm wishes, amazing birthday songs on the phone, wonderful gifts, a sweet surprise party... with fabulous people and warm beer bread! also my wonderful boyfriend braved the elements and drove out to spend the evening with me, it was the best!
thank you! to everyone who was apart of my birthday you made it extra special!

{my lovely boyfriend and i}... photo credit to MandyJay Photography...
he made my day!

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be blessed