October 31, 2012

cooking swap - link up

hello friends and happy halloween to you all!!
it so hard to believe that october has come and gone.
time sure flies when your having fun.

i am so excited to have the linky party for the #cookingswap that beth and i hosted.

i got an amazing vintage brown gingham apron from the ever so sweet april of marine parents she also has a super cute shop that you need to check out!

my pretty package ready to be opened. 
(i happened to be driving when we picked up the mail and my hubby wanted to open it so badly so i let him under one stipulation.... take pictures!) 

my lovely vintage apron with amazing detail! 
i have already used it to bake bread. however i completely forgot to take a picture! 

be sure to link up and look around at the goodies that people got and see who was all apart of this fun swap.

  i know not everyone has there packages, if you have not received
 yours yet and haven't talked emailed me let me know and i will 
                                                                                       get in contact with your swappy partner to figure it out. 

October 30, 2012

18 weeks.

wowza babe we are almost half way!
your momma needs to learn how to smile for the camera apparently.

October 26, 2012

life lately

hello monday! 
so glad that i read this post this and this one too
dressed up my little pumpkin as a pumpkin for a halloween party on friday. 

got some Christmas shopping done from this shop, and this one as well.

my momma and sister were out and we had to go fabric shopping so my mom could get sewing.
this is what we got! i am excited to see what kind of magic my mom does to these pretty fabrics.

i have joined up to be apart of this scarf swap and this handmade gift swap
the more the merrier to be sure to join in on the fun! 

 went out for a coffee/smoothie date with my love. i love spending time with him. 

looking for some discount codes to go Christmas shopping with check out here, here, here, and here.

October 25, 2012

magical cookies

with fall being here i have loved making yummy home cooked meals and baking too.
these cookies have got to be my favorite recipe by far so of course i will share the recipe with you!

Magical Cookies of Love and Joy

1 cup - butter/oil/apple sauce or any combination as long as it is 1cup
1 cup - whole wheat flour
2 eggs 
1 tsp - vanilla
1 cup - raisins/chocolate chips/nuts and other goodies you want. i like raisins and sunflower seeds
1/4 cup - water
1 cup - shredded coconut
3 cups - oats
1 tsp - baking soda
1 tsp - baking powder
1/4 cup - ground flax
mix together 
spoon onto a cookie sheet
bake for 12 mins @ 375 degrees

and lastly enjoy!

what are your favorite cookie recipes? 
please leave a link to your favorite cookie recipe in the comments 
and i will compile them and share them next week.

October 19, 2012

a birthday wish list

oh boy! so it's almost my birthday or so my loving husband tells me.
to me almost birthday is like two weeks away not a month and a a half
but now he has got me all excited for birthday fun! 
i'm excited for getting together with family and friends to celebrate. 
i have put together a fun little treasury over on etsy
it may contain some cuties that i may or may not want for my birthday...

ns pottery
the watson shop

pen and paints
dear moonbeam

there are more fun things over on the treasury if you want to go check them out.

October 17, 2012


 well i have re-opened my etsy shop but it has a new name

in the shop you will find all crochet goodies for newborns to adults


 be sure to use the code OPEN25 for 25% off your purchase
how perfect is that for saving some of your hard earned moolay on Christmas shopping? 
if you see styles that you like but wish to have different colour or size just let me know
 and together we can work to get exactly what you want.

thanks for checking out the shop!

psalm 90:14

October 16, 2012

week 16 - a prayer

i was gifted this book by my high school english teacher. this sweet gesture spoke volumes to me. not many people can say that their high school teachers care about them after high school let alone get them gifts when they find out that they are expecting.  
the card read 'children are such precious gifts. i've been so thankful for the gift of being a mommy. i'll be thinking and praying for you and your little one though this special time.'

i was beyond blessed when i opened up two books 
(what do you expect from an english teacher?) 
both centered on prayer for your child.
i am loving this book 
'expecting - praying for your child's development - body and soul' 
by marla taviano
it goes week by week and you pray specifically for your babe 
in the stage that they are at in development.
week 16 cheerfulness ~ facial muscles

a cheerful look brings joy to the heart - proverbs 15:30a

my prayer for sweet peanut

Lord, thank you for paying attention to the smallest of details like a smirk, grin and smile. 
I pray that my sweet peanut will have a smile that lights up the room and 
radiates your love to everyone they meet. 
I pray that you would shine through my sweet babe as they grow from a babe to child, teen and adult. I pray that Clint and I would be Godly examples of what true joy is
 and where it comes from. 
Lord, I pray that this sweet child would be know for their happiness and joyfulness 
everywhere they go.

October 15, 2012

16 weeks

i look like a crazy lady in this picture haha oh well.
it's hard to believe another week has passed.

October 12, 2012

happy friday

 happy friday friends!
what are your plans for the weekend? 

clint and i are headed to a friends place saturday
 then heading to his parents for our final thanksgiving meal of the season
 last weekend i got to see this guy at a gathering.
as we were leaving he comes and puts his hand on my belly and says take care of the baby.

looking for a fun fall swap?
check out this sweet scarf swap that kristin is hosting

this post is worth a read

baby was helping me make tacos for supper
we got our first snow fall. even for canada this is very early for snow
i got this beautiful bouquet of flowers 
with the cooler weather i have been doing a lot of crocheting
i love this idea so yarn doesn't get tangled

speaking of crocheting i  added these and more to my insta-shop

October 8, 2012

October 4, 2012

the leaves are changing

well fall has definitely fit here in manitoba.
geese have flown south.
wooly socks have come out of hiding.
chocolatey chai tea is being sipped on.
clint and i were invited to a wedding
  clint ended up working late on saturday and we were sooo late for the wedding
so we skipped it and just went to the reception.
bad people?
ya maybe
but we enjoyed our day together sipping lattes and shopping for bebe.

walks are a must for this time of year to take in the changing leaves.

have you checked out the apron swap that is going on,
have you signed up?
join in the fun!
those cute cupcake toppers are part of the fantastic baking package giveaway to kick off the swap.
 pumpkin pie! a true sign of fall.

fallen leaves.

growing peanut in my belly.
i have opened up a new instagram account @amberennsshop 
follow along to snatch up these cute crochet creations. 
there are goodies being added every week. 
(hint hint this week there are some yummy cowls being added)

you can also follow along my personal instgram feed @amber_enns

October 1, 2012

We've been cooking something up {apron swap}

We (Beth from Dot in the City and Amber from Life Unscripted) have been making fun plans behind your back! (hee hee) Don't worry though, we are about to spill the beans and share the secret we have been cooking up just for you! Without further ado, we would like to present to you...

We find that we cook and bake more than ever during the autumn months, so swapping an apron and  a few other goodies is a perfect and fun way to meet others!

Here are the guidelines to participate in this perfect-for-autumn swap:
  1. Sign up by completing this form so that your swapper will know your snail mail address, favorite colors, fabrics and little bit more about you!  Sign up starts today and will be open to October 6.
  2. Spread the word. Post the swap button (below) via instagram, tweet, facebook - the more the merrier! 
  3. Start shopping or sewing. The apron you send can be thrifted, handmade or store bought - you will get your swapping partner info by October 10.
  4. Wrap up your goodies and mail them by October 17.
  5. *patiently* wait for your goodies to arrive!
  6. Link up your goodies on Beth or Amber's blog on October 31.
Questions & Answers:
(we will update the question & answer section if more questions come in)
How much money do I need to spend? None - you may have a plethora of aprons and you have the prefect one for your partner or we may have just given you the prefect excuse to go thrifting or shopping.
Do I need to have a blog to participate? No it is not necessary to have a blog to be apart of this swap. If you're on Twitter or Instragram, please share that info when you sign up so that you can still be connected!
What hashtag can I use to share about this swap? #cookingswap


Oh you bet your knickers we are hosting a giveaway!! You have the chance to win this super fun baking package pictured below!

How do I enter this amazing giveaway, you may ask??
Enter using the Rafflecopter Widget below. Winner will be announced October 8th!

We've also created a button you can add on your sidebar to spread the word :)