October 13, 2010

why do you have poison ivy berries??

well over the past week i have been plagued with the wonderful poison ivy! it was on my face and i had no idea where i got it from, i had been out on a hike last weekend but no one else had gotten it, i was baffled. well today i found out why i have poison ivy. i have had poison ivy berries sitting in a vase in my room for the past week. why, you may ask, do you have poison ivy berries? well let me tell you a wonderful story...

last weekend i went to my wonderful boyfriends place and he had planned a wonderful evening, a surprise for me, he had prepared a wonderful picnic! we drove out to the hills and he had set up a table that over looked the hills and was in the most perfect spot for us to watch the sun set.

{at sun set}

while we were there i found these delightful looking berries. they were small, green and looked so pick able, so i picked a bundle of them. brought them home and was enjoying them greatly, but not enjoying the horrible poison ivy rash that has been spreading. well today as i was sitting in my room with some friends one of them asks, 'why do you have poison ivy berries?' ..... oh my goodness!! well needless to say i threw them out instantly and we all had a good laugh about it.

lesson learned:
poison ivy has cute berries

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