May 8, 2014

momma heart talk

It seems as though life has been a whirl wind lately and I'm not really sure why. I look at my boy and I see just that a little boy, not a baby. I just blinked and he grew up. I thought I would be sad as he grew up but I am just trying to relish in each moment I am given with him. 

I recently listened to the thrive moms retreat and one of the speakers said something that stuck out to me. 

"relationship over task" 

I tend to be a doer, I need to keep busy or I feel guilty (mom if you're reading this I partially blame you, haha). I feel like I can't have dirty dishes piled up, laundry strewn about, or toys scattered everywhere. 

(First tooth at 13 months + almost 2 weeks) 

But when I look back on my days with Micah am I really going to say, I'm so glad I finished those dishes while
Micah threw a fit because I wasn't sitting on the floor pushing cars around and stacking blocks? 


I have been reminded through several heart breaking events over the last while that each moment truely is a gift. I wish it didn't take tragedy to keep that in the for front of my mind. 

So when Micah gets excited about garbage and recycling day, I'll be there beside him sharing in his joy. Everything is new experience for him and I want to be there to enjoy those moments of joy and excitement. I want to build relationship with my little boy and not get side tracked by tasks that can wait. 

Little man you are such a blessing to me and you are teach me daily! Thank you for being quick to forgive and giving me endless grace. I'm so glad God chose me to be your momma, he knew I needed you in my life. 

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  1. So true! That quote "relationship before tasks" struck me too. I want to enjoy and remember these days with Luke too :)


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