November 23, 2010


well today there was no classes, there for it was going to be very productive. however, having a sleepover last night, which was amazing and much needed to catch up with a wonderful friend, made for a later morning. waking was a slow process so i sat in bed knitting, which was wonderful, i was able to get the majority of what i was making done. once i did get my self out of bed i had a wonderful visit with a friend over lunch, which was also much needed and long over due. after my wonderful visit over lunch i got back to my room to do some daunting homework, the day was going to be productive after all, right? however, against my better judgment left my knitting sitting beside my computer, after i had realized that i had gotten as far as i could with my homework i quickly took to my knitting. i am now able to say i completed my very first knitting project! i am pretty excited, i have many different projects on the go both with knitting and crocheting but i have actually completed one. there are a couple flaws but i try to over look those, it is my first project after all. what is my first knitting project you may ask, well it is a french press cozy! i love my coffee! as one of my friends said, " wow that thing is your baby, you are making clothes for it now!"

{french press cozy}
so to sum up! today was productive just not the way i imagined it to be. i have a new found love for knitting and crocheting. more importantly my friends are just the best! they are a huge blessing in my life and i thank God for them daily.
thanks for stopping by.
be blessed!

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