December 1, 2010

wonderful day

well yesterday was my birthday and i can say that i am truly truly blessed!

{this is what i woke up to - i love my girls }
it is a chair barricading my door along with signs and lovely cards on the chair. anyways, i have amazing friends and family! it was such a wonderful day. it started out like any typical manitoba winter day, 60km winds, visibility pretty much nil, eye lashes stick together the moment you walk out the door, ya know just a typical winter day on the prairies. however the day turned out to be just so wonderful! so many wonderful friends with warm wishes, amazing birthday songs on the phone, wonderful gifts, a sweet surprise party... with fabulous people and warm beer bread! also my wonderful boyfriend braved the elements and drove out to spend the evening with me, it was the best!
thank you! to everyone who was apart of my birthday you made it extra special!

{my lovely boyfriend and i}... photo credit to MandyJay Photography...
he made my day!

thanks for stopping by
be blessed

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