December 11, 2012


 so one of the upstairs tenants brought home this sweet little guy.

meet hamilton.

look at that face. i melt.

however they have a cat and the two of them did not get along. i believe there may have been some jealousy issues. being a dog person i gladly welcomed him into our home. he was out in the cold where my friend works wandering about. he has been posted online as a missing puppy and we hope his owners find him, kinda, i have also grown attached to him.

it is quite obvious that he has been house trained and loves people. so i am sure that there is a person or family out there missing him.

until then we are showering him with love and attention.


  1. aw, glad he found his way to your home, even if it's temporary! I love having a dog around :)

  2. what a sweet little guy! I hope you get to keep him :)

  3. Awww such a cute little puppy!


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