December 9, 2012

christmas tree adventure

clint and i went out on our first christmas tree adventure. we weren't planning on getting a tree since we are hardly going to be around this year for christmas but then i heard about a farm near by where you cut down your own tree. i thought it would be a fun little adventure for our day so we went to check it out.

 we quickly realized we were not dressed for the frigid -28 but we decided to make the best of it. we wanted to cut down our own tree but all we could find was pre-cut trees so we wandered around that barn for a while enjoying the wonderful smells of the pine and crisp air. we found someone who looked like they worked there and asked him where to go. he pointed us in the right direction and gave us tokens for free hot chocolate. 

we hopped onto one of the horse drawn sleighs and dropped off at a patch of trees with a saw and told that we could pick which ever we wanted from that area. we knew we wanted a spindly little charlie brown tree. there were a quite a lot of charlie brown trees but we were looking for the perfect one!

we found it! 
the perfect spindly charlie brown tree.
it was just sitting there in all it's glory waiting for us clint to saw it down.
 it took clint all of two seconds to saw through the trunk and whip it over his shoulder.  we were far to cold to wait for the next sleigh to come around and pick us up and our tree was perfectly tiny that we just walked back to the main lodge. on our way back we found a cozy little fire, to warm our toes. once we got back to the lodge one of the men working there came over chuckling and asked for our tree ticket, he was kind enough to marked down the price for us since we had picked such a 'large tree'. we brought our tree to the truck, got it all strapped down then headed inside for some hot chocolate and peanuts.

now we just have to wait to set it up and decorate it because we don't have a tree stand.
i'll post pictures once it's all prettied up. 


  1. soooo fun!! i'm so jealous of your snow -- we never get snow! also, i love your little charlie brown tree. :)

  2. Love your little tree!! Super cute! We got our first snow this morning, but sadly, it was only a dusting and now it's all melted. :(

  3. Oh this totally cracked me up! I think his saw is bigger than the tree :) I love your blog design too! Darling. Thanks so much for linking up with us!


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