October 16, 2012

week 16 - a prayer

i was gifted this book by my high school english teacher. this sweet gesture spoke volumes to me. not many people can say that their high school teachers care about them after high school let alone get them gifts when they find out that they are expecting.  
the card read 'children are such precious gifts. i've been so thankful for the gift of being a mommy. i'll be thinking and praying for you and your little one though this special time.'

i was beyond blessed when i opened up two books 
(what do you expect from an english teacher?) 
both centered on prayer for your child.
i am loving this book 
'expecting - praying for your child's development - body and soul' 
by marla taviano
it goes week by week and you pray specifically for your babe 
in the stage that they are at in development.
week 16 cheerfulness ~ facial muscles

a cheerful look brings joy to the heart - proverbs 15:30a

my prayer for sweet peanut

Lord, thank you for paying attention to the smallest of details like a smirk, grin and smile. 
I pray that my sweet peanut will have a smile that lights up the room and 
radiates your love to everyone they meet. 
I pray that you would shine through my sweet babe as they grow from a babe to child, teen and adult. I pray that Clint and I would be Godly examples of what true joy is
 and where it comes from. 
Lord, I pray that this sweet child would be know for their happiness and joyfulness 
everywhere they go.

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