October 12, 2012

happy friday

 happy friday friends!
what are your plans for the weekend? 

clint and i are headed to a friends place saturday
 then heading to his parents for our final thanksgiving meal of the season
 last weekend i got to see this guy at a gathering.
as we were leaving he comes and puts his hand on my belly and says take care of the baby.

looking for a fun fall swap?
check out this sweet scarf swap that kristin is hosting

this post is worth a read

baby was helping me make tacos for supper
we got our first snow fall. even for canada this is very early for snow
i got this beautiful bouquet of flowers 
with the cooler weather i have been doing a lot of crocheting
i love this idea so yarn doesn't get tangled

speaking of crocheting i  added these and more to my insta-shop


  1. Genius idea for yarn, not to mention it's cute too! Thanks for posting about the scarf swap, I think I'll join!!

  2. A scarf swap? How perfect is that!?

  3. ummm.. LOVE the scarves!

  4. I'm loving your creations, Amber!


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