March 28, 2014

happy 1st birthday micah

my oh my where has the year gone?

my sweet 8lb 8oz baby boy is now a year old.

i thought for sure i would be a basket case today. crying every five minutes because my baby is growing up but instead i found myself with a grin from ear to ear and proud as could be. i am so in awe of the amazing little boy micah is becoming. 
micah loves:
when daddy gets home
toy cars
big trucks driving by
toilet plunger
the washing machine
peanut butter

micah doesn't like:
big crowds
being alone
diaper changes
putting clothes on

micah is very good at crawling, walking along furniture, standing, climbing up and down stairs, making people laugh, peek-a-boo and figuring out how things work.

this baby still has a toothless grin that makes me weak in the knees!

micah likes to babble and sometimes gets out what he is trying to say.
some words he can say:
- dada
- mama
- nini (night night)
- baa baa - thats what most animals say
he also signs:
- more
- please
- milk

micah has many names! - mikey, baby micah, baby mikey, little man, baby bird, baby bear, peanut and many more!

our world was turned upside down when you were born. this past year has been the most amazing, rewarding, sleepless, tear filled of our lives and we wouldn't change a second of it!

i pray that the Lord will bless us with many more amazing years with you micah!

pictures by leanne doell photography

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