April 1, 2014

celebrating micah

people that know me know that i LOVE birthdays!
i love that each person gets a special day to be celebrated and loved on.

on micahs birthday the three of us hung out at home and enjoyed being together.
micah was very excited to get this barn and has played with it every day. he makes noises for all the animals and its hilarious!

over the weekend we had a big party for micah with family and friends.
micah was attached to my hip pretty much the whole time since he's not a fan of large groups of people, it was still great to celebrate him.

the party was a construction theme since micah loves trucks and cars and building blocks.

some of the activities that fit the theme were:
- the 'big' kids got work gloves, pretzels and mini marshmallows. they had to try and build a tower while wearing their gloves. i think that most of the 'building supplies' were eaten instead. 
 - pin the hammer on the builder
 - ring toss with pylons

auntie chloe was giving wagon rides, which was loads of fun!
now we just need nice weather so that we can go outside for wagon rides.

micahdove right into his cake!

this little man was blessed beyond blessed with all the gifts he was given. 
he is so SO loved!

 some of his aunties got him some very 'musical' toys. i know of a few nieces that have upcoming birthday and they might get some 'musical' toys too!

 micah needed a break from opening gifts and being crowded. daddy saved the day by giving wagon rides for all the kids.

micah is so blessed to have so many family and friends that love him. we all had a great time eating, visiting and celebrating micah!

thanks erin for snapping pictures throughout that day.

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  1. I love birthdays, too - and this one is SO cute! Can't believe Micah is already a year old. :)


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