June 27, 2014

15 months

I thought you just turned one my sweet boy? But time is not my friend and the days slip away far to fast! 

Can I just say how much I love this age!? 


Micah you love animals! You know what they say and I hear a lot of mooing, woofing, chirping, baaing, and neighing in a day. 

You also love to run around calling for daddy all day. 

If I ask you if you want to go out side you immediately run to get your shoes and sit down to try and put them on. Once yours are on you grab my shoes too! You love being outside and fight when it's time to come in.

You love to share you snack with me, one bite for you one bite for me. 

If I ask you if your handsome you make a cheese face, which I have yet to snap a picture of.

You give the best hugs and kisses and I hope that never stops! 

There are three pearly whites in that little mouth of yours. 

When we go outside you make a bee line for your little car and 'drive around' in it for as long as you can before getting stuck. You have only figured out how to go backwards and usually end up in the garden. 

Speaking of the garden, you LOVE mud! I don't blame you, I do too! None of my rows are straight and things are popping up all over the place because a little mister decided to crawl through right after I seeded it. 

You make the cutest scrunched up face when you smell the flowers.

If I hear you scream it usually means that the neighbours dog has come over to play and you are so excited you can hardly contain yourself!

When there is music playing your bum is a bopping.

Mowing grass, vacuuming and sweeping are most exciting!

Tuesday mornings you climb up the chair to look out the window and watch the garbage trucks come down the street. 

My boy there are so many things I want to remember forever! The way you talk, the way hand me your blankie and point to the couch after a nap so we can snuggle, and the way love so deeply! 

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