June 24, 2014

micah vacuuming made me cry...

yes, its true.

my sweet boy was 'vcuuming' and i sat on the stairs watching and crying.
those of you who know me know that i cry pretty easily but this wasn't a 'oh my baby is growing up' moment.

i had just finished vacuuming the living room and had ran upstairs to grab something and when i cam back down this is what i saw.

he was very content 'vacuuming' so i sat on the stairs to watch him and that is when the tears started flowing.

you see this is how i vacuum:
- turn on the power by stepping on the power switch
- push the vacuum head around
- push the ball back and vacuum the next section

this is what micah did:
- reached his tiny foot up to turn the power on
- pushed the vacuum head around
- put the vacuum head down
- pushed the ball back
- proceeded to vacuum

what i saw was a mirror of what i had just done. my little boy had watched every detail of what i was doing and copied me. he had been playing with trucks while i vacuumed, i didn't even realize he was paying attention.

as i sat there and watched is tiny little foot reach up to hit the power button i was flooded with the realization of just how much impact we have on these tiny humans. he notices everything i am doing even when i don't realize it.

how blessed am i that God would entrust me, me, with this beautiful soul to raise up.

i am blown away!

it is not easy task and i need to look at myself first and make sure i am setting the example in all things and that starts by coming to the Lord in prayer and seeking His guidance and direction.

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