September 17, 2011

right now

Hello friends!!

I hope your weekend is going wonderfully so far.

Yesterday I had a fam jam gathering. There were so many cute little cousins running about. Today I am chilling out at a friends place as some of the plumbing gets fixed at my place. I came home last night to water spraying out from behind the washing machine and a lovely puddle on the floor.

All is well though.

This evening Clint and I will be going with some friends to a folk fest. I'm excited to get all bundled up in my fall gear and maybe sip on a hot beverage.

I have also been working on some orders as well,
which is passing the time till I start work next week.

I hope everyone is enjoying these wonderful fall days!

Have you entered the blog-aversary giveaway going on??

Happy Saturday


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  1. Hope all is well with the water :S Sounds like you had a great way to pass the time, can't wait to see the results! Folk fest, Yay!!!
    Love ya lots!


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