September 13, 2011


ten things i'm grateful for...
  • clint
  • family
  • friends
  • the saving grace of Christ
  • a home
  • safety
  • education
  • being loved
  • living in a faith based community
  • forgiveness
nine things i miss...
  • my sisters & brothers
  • clints nieces and nephews
  • my friends that graduated from school
  • kaila even though she's not gone yet
  • downtown vancouver
  • living with trees surrounding the yard
  • clint
  • friendships that have been lost
eight things i look forward to...
  • graduating
  • getting hitched
  • having kiddos
  • enjoying my last year of school with my amazing roomie
  • finishing decorating our cozy little home
  • improving my sewing skills
  • being able to light candles every evening
  • learning the vegetarian ways
seven things i hope for...
  • my family to be saved through Christ
  • to live a life that glorifies God
  • to adopt
  • live simply but fully
  • to complete my 25 by 25 list :)
  • get out of debt
  • to do missons
six things i plan to never do again...
  • put dish soap in the dishwasher
  • work in a factory
  • ignore God's whisper (although it happens far to often)
  • be 16 again... enough said
  • hold a grudge
  • intentionally gossip
five risks i'm glad i took...
  • stepping out of my comfort zone and realizing that i have a passion to work with the disabled
  • writing a letter
  • shaving my head
  • going to college
  • saying no
four things i'm afraid of...
  • needles
  • the dark
  • clowns
  • loved ones dying
three things i dream of...
  • my future kiddies
  • where God will lead if i listen to His calling
  • what heaven will be like
two things i dread...
  • being prego - only because of the needles
  • the aftermath of eating dairy
one thing...
  • this was a lot harder that i thought it would be to fill out!

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