September 1, 2011

little message from God

the other day at day care we had a little girl come for the first time.
she is three and a half, not just three.
she likes to talk.
she likes to ask questions.
she likes to know what is going on.
she likes to make friends.

so that is just what she was trying to do at day care.
it really isn't hard, the kids all play together fairly well.

she was getting frustrated.
one of the girls was not being very nice.
she was starting to realize that mom and dad weren't around.
tears filled her eyes as she said...

i'm just going to go to the picnic table and pray that God will help me.


hello amber,
this is God,
it's been a while
just remember that i am here for
a.l.l. t.h.i.n.g.s.
big or small

note taken!

it's the little thing in life that are speak volumes to me.

hugs & blessings

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