February 8, 2013

little joys: peter rabbit, day date & washi tape

 this week has been a little crazy! i have been sick, haven't been able to sleep and had my glucose test (i h.a.t.e. needles of any sort so it was less than pleasant) 

 yummmmy.. sarcasm... glucose beverage

despite those few low points there were many little joys in my week that made me smile.
here are a few i captured through instagram << you can follow along if you like!

 my sweet in laws came to visit us took us out for supper then we headed to the wonderful world (according to me, clint thinks differently) of ikea. 
i found a few things that would look lovely in our home.

these sweet nieces of mine have decided that ice is super yummy too! 
so we chowed down together!


clint and i were  able to have a date day since i had a doctor appointment mid day in the city.  
we did a little bit of baby shopping. 
peter rabbit onesie! hooded baby towels! 
it was so great to not have an agenda, not be rushed and have the day just the two of us.

 three preggo ladies, these cousins are going to have a fun time growing up together.
is it at all obvious who is due first?!?

 pretty organized calendars are my favorite.
 i was a bit behind on getting february done but it's so cute in it's washi tape glory that i don't mind.

my heart skips a beat when my husband talks to our baby. 
he is so proud and excited. 
i can't even express how excited i am to see him be a daddy.

what are the little joys from your week?

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  1. Are you seeing a midwife or a ob/gyn? My midwife just mentioned the glucose test, but I also hate needles, so she might let me pass as my risks aren't too high for it.

    Glad your day got brighter with some yummy starbucks and ikea (LOVE IKEA) I also loved the peter rabit onesie and the binky pacifiers you picked up - I hear binky's are the best to start with :)


  2. Love recounting my joys over the week. I do it every week, and it is such a breath of fresh air for my soul!


  3. cute calendar decor

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