February 11, 2013

weekend haps

my momma came out this weekend to help me nest a bit.she so lovingly painted up the babes furniture so that it all matches. since we are in a rental home we didn't bother with painting the walls but it will still look so cute with everything all together.

 i was very excited to get things in there places and have some order in the room. i have been leaving the door closed to the babes room so that i didn't have to look at the chaos. i do not like it when things don't have a place and stuff isn't organized. saying i was getting a wee bit antsy might be an understatement.    

we folded itty bitty clothes.
 figured out how to button up the cloth diapers that had a million buttons on them. 
arranged and rearranged the furniture. 
sorted boys, girls and gender neutral clothes.
 packed away clothes that will be used a little ways down the road.

consider these pictures the 'before' pictures of the nursery. 

we still have...
 art to hang
 change table to get from my moms 
mobile to make
floor lamp to get
 a baby to bring home

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  1. You're so cute! I remember the excitement of getting to fold all those itty bitty clothes the first time! Even standing over the crib and trying to imagine what it would be like to reach down and pick up this little baby that would soon be outside of my womb. Enjoy the last few weeks! And don't stress over the small things!!


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