February 6, 2013

link love: for baby

 there are a few things i'd like to get done before baby comes.

sewing up a bunch of cuteness is on that list of things to do. 

if you follow me on pinterest then you would know that i have been on a baby inspired pinning spree!

what kind of goodies do you like to sew, if you sew?

im not a very seasoned sewer but i'd love to get better so we shall see how some of these projects turn out. 

do you have a sewing pinterest board? if so please leave the link in the comments so i can check it out!


  1. I love that infant carseat! I think I will be working on that today. Thanks for the link! Oh, and about the needing an IV thing... I had to have one for Benji's birth because I was induced, and it wasn't as bad as I expected it to be. You can still walk around - you just need to bring the pole with you. Don't let it stress you out - heaven knows you don't need extra things to stress over while giving birth! OH, and you had better let the world know via social media when you are in labour so I can pray for you, hubby, and sweet peanut!

  2. Those velcro swaddle wraps are awesome! we bought 2 for Casey and they're now on our baby must have list.


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