February 5, 2013

baby talk & 32 week update

yesterday clint and i headed to the city to go meet the doctor that will be delivering our sweet peanut. she is the nicest lady and she has put my mind at ease. she confirmed my suspicions that peanut as turned and it now head down. now i hope and pray that the babe stays that way. unfortunately i am still strep b + which means IV for me.  it is probably one of my biggest worries about labor so far. also our due date got pushed back by two days, so we are now due march 28.

clint and i were able to go shopping for peanut after our appointment. i am so excited to see our sweet babe in those cute little hooded towels. seriously anything cuter?  i am also working on a cute baby cocoon for our babe. i was asked to do one for a custom order and loved it so much so i'm making another one and they will probably be appearing in the shop some time soon. speaking of the shop have you seen the new goodies that just got listed? use code 'bloglove' for 15% off your order. 


  1. Your baby is due on my birthday! :D

  2. I was step b+.... it was a much bigger deal in my mind that it was in reality :) no worries. You will be fine and it will be an amazing experience!


  3. precious belly! so glad your meeting w/ the doctor went well; a good doctor is always awesome. :) & March isn't so far away!


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