December 8, 2010


ah such a wonderful week! i have spent good quality time with friends and there is more wonderful hang out time coming up soon (tomorrow)! i know i have said this time and time before but i have wonderful friends! this week some wonderful ladies and i went to the local thrift store and found some sweet goodies!! i got some more knitting needles, which i am so very pleased with as well as this treasure...
{super cute tin}
i love this colour of yellow, it has a way of showing up in a lot of my possessions. i also was gifted this...
{beauty... soon to be pillow cover}
and as if this day couldn't get any better one of my dear dear friends brought me starbucks while i was babysitting! i am so blessed!
as i had mentioned in early posts it was my birthday and brace yours i got a sewing machine!! i won't be bringing it to school because i would never get anything done! i will post pictures, its a wonderful vintage viking machine, i absolutely love it! (thanks momma!)

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