December 2, 2010

warm fuzzies

well for the last while i have found a new love aside from scrapbooking and card making... knitting and crocheting. i often bring my yarn, hooks and needles to class, this may or may not affect my grades. after i had completed my first knitting project, the french press cozy, i decided to complete a crocheting project. i found a bag of scrap yarn, at the thrift store, in colours i just adore. i wasn't so sure what i was going to do with them but i knew i would figure something out.

so after a couple classes, some evening with friends and completely ignoring my home work i completed my very first scarf. isn't it lovely?! i enjoy it.

There is also a sweet Christmas give away at The Creative Place . Hop on over for details.

thanks for looking
be blessed today

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